AASU Commends The People Of Burkina Faso

By All Africa Students Union (AASU)

The people in particular the youth of Burkina Faso have resisted the then President, Blaise Compaore's bid to change the constitution for his personal gain and finally forced him to relinquish power through a mass uprising. Mr. Compaore seized power in 1987 in the coup that culminated in the overthrow and assassination the late president Thomas Sankara.

He has remained in power since, re-elected president four times since 1991 - to two seven-year and two five-year terms.

The people, with the support of the International Community, have, also, stopped the military junta's attempt to hijack the labor of their struggle by clinging to power. Their efforts have led to a broad consultation of the democratic forces that resulted in the elaboration and adoption of a Transitional Charter.

The constitution was, equally, restored by the military paving the way to the nomination of Michel Kafando as the interim President for a period of one year.

This situation should constitute, yet, another eye opener for all African leaders contemplating to tamper with the constitution of their countries for uniquely to promote their personal interests. Unfortunately it seems that African leaders are unable to learn from the mistakes of their colleagues, hence causing most of time a lot of damages to themselves and their country.

The African people, from now onwards, should jealously guard and protect the constitution of their countries, their rights and interests by resisting at any time any forceful, violent and corrupt way of take power by anybody.

The All Africa Students Union (AASU) commends the people of Burkina Faso, a country where 60 percent of the population of almost 17 million is under 25, for their courage, discipline and determination that had led to current change in their country.

AASU wants to use this opportunity to caution all other African Leaders who are preparing or considering similar changes in their constitution to stay in power to desist from that act in order to avoid unnecessary hardships for their country and people.

Long live people's power!

(Secretary General)

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