Jonathan Achievements Under Reported ——Nwosu


One of the leading PDP governorship aspirants in Abia sate, Barr. Friday Nwosu says President Goodluck Jonathan achievements in many sectors of Nigeri economy are being under reported.

In an interview with newsmen in Umuahia, Nwosu who was reacting to Jonathan declaration for re-election stated that the latter humility, respect for rule of law and tolerance for the opposition have made him the best president to have ruled Nigeria

He accused the opposition of playing politics with everything including national security, welfare of the masses as well as inciting the people against the President.

President Jonathan achievements have been highly under reported because the press is the hands of an unpatriotic opposition.  The opposition that is playing politics with national security and welfare of the people. The opposition that incites the people against the President.  No matter the distractions, it is clear that Jonathan has done one thing his predecessors were not able to do; allowing the opposition to thrive, allowing the opposition to win election undisturbed. Through this, he has made Nigeri electoral system very credible. Jonathan humility, candour and attentiveness stand him out of the pack of all other aspirants and guarantee the hope of the new Nigeria of our dream.

He posited that despite the antics of the opposition, Jonathan has recorded several achievements in many sectors of the nation economy and would consolidate on them if he is re-elected.

President Goodluck Jonathan has through his transformation agenda given focused leadership to Nigeria. This has led to improvement in the Power, Transport, Aviation, Agricultural sectors. Our roads and railways are receiving attention never seen before in this country.  What endeared President Jonathan to Nigerians is his humility. He is a patriot to the core. He is addressing the needs of all parts of Nigeria with a fatherly disposition. No Nigerian leader has achieved so much within the time he has been in office. This is why a greater majority of Nigerians have resolved to support his re-election in 2015. It is unfortunate that the opposition has chosen to overlook these achievements by always playing to the gallery.

Nwosu who expressed optimism about his chances of emerging the candidate of the PDP in the Abia governorship poll, further said he was delighted at Jonathan declaration that no Nigerian is in exile or a political prisoner under his administration, describing it as the attribute of a great leader.

Jonathan era is remarkably different from his predecessors because no Nigerian is in exile or a political prisoner because of his political inclination. There is no person in detention because of his political opinion. This is a clear departure from the past; Jonathan tolerance for the opposition is unparalleled. He deserves to be commended. The opposition in Nigeria must be constructive in its criticisms and change from its pull him down style in the interest of the country.

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