The Burden Of Grandstanding As Oby Ezekwesili”S Albatross.


The former Minister of Education and self acclaimed national heroine, Oby Ezekwesili made some outlandish claims last week in Abuja to the effect that the rescue of a serving Ministers sister from her kidnappers was an injustice to Chibok girls. For someone who makes so much pretence to intellectual dept and acquisition, Oby Ezekwesili made a complete fool of herself, not in the least, by the sheer senselessness of the statement.

Who is the former Minister of Education trying to please and what Chibok jokes does she now try to make of any and every development around the country?

To be sure, Ezekwisili could only be referring to the announcement by the police in Port Harcourt, Rivers state last week that a combined team of security operatives had success fully rescued the your younger sister of the Petroleum Resources Minister, Diezani Alison – Madueke from her kidnappers. To say the least, Ezekwesili was insulting the collective intelligence of Nigerians and pretending to educate on a matter over which she was clearly ignorant and ill informed. She must think of herself as some national super star who is riding on the unfortunate abduction of some female secondary school girls in Chibok by Boko Haram insurgents to some new level of fame.

What did Obi Ezekwesili have to say when the former President of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Okeh Wali was kidnapped and freed two weeks later in Port Harcourt. For her that was not suggestive of social inequality and a good way to demonstrate good governance.

Where was Oby Ezekwesili when two Germans working for Julius Berger were kidnapped somewhere in Ogun state state resulting in the shooting to death of one of them. Is Oby Ezekwesli the new Inspector general of which country? Exactly what has kidnapping for ransom and other hidden criminal or political motives got in common with the murderous savagery of Boko Haram, who for no just or known cause have rebelled against the Nigerian state,

There are certain persons like Ezekwesili who for sometime now have been abusing and denigrating the sensibilities of Nigerians, daily seeking newspaper headlines and posing as national heroes and heroines in what is clearly a Military and Security operation, that of freeing the chibok girls and routing Boko Haram insurgents from Nigeria.

Ezekwesili and her fellow travelers have become national court jesters issuing ultimatums and deadlines to elected Government officials or face the wrath, fire and brimstone of the former Minister. This is a failed Minister of Education riding suddenly on a non existent tide to infamy.

How can Ezekwesili forget so soon her own score card as Minister of Solid Minerals and later Education.? what  qualification  made her a right,  fit and proper  person to head the due diligence department during former President Obasanjo's tenure.

Does she realize that many Nigerian parents will never forgive her for disrupting the academic schedules of Unity schools in Nigeria under the false pretences of introducing quality education to all Nigerians, which never came.

If Oby Ezekwesili has any axe to grind with the Petroleum Resources Minister, Diezani Allison Madueke, it must be that the serving Minister has performed so much better than herself while a Minister. Even then, what has that got to do with the current Minister's sister who has nothing to do with the   Government.

Ezekwesili must be suffering from some kind of ego tripping delusions to the extent that she even thinks that Nigerians believe everything she says. Pundits have guessed right and are waiting to see at what point Ezekwesili is going to try to cash in on her 'struggles' and smuggle herself into a Government, as that was exactly how she smuggled herself into Obasanjo's cabinet.

At the appropriate time, Ezekwesili claims to high academic laurels and profiles will be addressed as this writer would not like to create distractions from the main point of this piece at the moment.

Boko Haram, under whose illegal custody illegal custody the Chibok girls are domiciled at the moment is a direct threat to the territorial sovereignty and security of Nigeria as an independent nation.

Anyone hoping to make political capital out of the Chibok girl's saga would sooner or later find himself or herself a victim of some self induced misery.

The entire world is united in their sympathy and support for Nigeria in the face of the Boko Haram threat. The Government is doing its best to tackle what is obviously a strange kind of problem, terrorism and insurgency on our shores. Where it a question of moving troops to conquer and overwhelm a well identifiable and defined enemy, I am certain the Nigerian Government would have long crushed Boko Haram.

Well meaning Nigerians are all praying that like a bad penny, Boko Haram would soon get tired of the rebellion against all Nigerians for no just cause and go away.

Otherwise, and perhaps the likes of Ezekwesili, madam know all, can enlist in the Army and lead our soldiers to route Boko Haram. Then and only then would she really gain accolades and become the National heroine, she so desires.

Adamu Gwazuwang, a Petroleum Industry watcher writes from Abuja.

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