Memo To My Spouse

By Adeola Ikuomola

Your green leaves have caught me on your trees
To leave you no more but to offer pure greenery
Like the ointments brewed out of the olive trees
Planted in the solitary orchard in my heartbeats

I doff my heart and my hat like the panting harts
I am the wandering clown singing on the crowns
Upon the doves cooing colourfully in your lawns
I remain the raw material for their golden beaks

I am the lonely weaver bird weaving birthrights
Scripted solidly on the Holy Scripture from ages
Where faith crowns worn on the purified hearts
Accentuated by sanctuary of morals' tranquillity

The innumerable multitudes of seasoned smiles
On your face like the suns celebrating an energy
Uploaded on the colourful rainbows in the skies
To drown on the celebratory ocean floors' flaws

When joint account of love is jointly over drawn
And the cheques of knitted hearts are signed out
Under the signatures of our compound interests
You vetted my drafts and voted for an adventure

Love is elusive, exclusive, inclusive, conclusively
I shrink not from my beliefs your heart my relief
Your love has prosecuted me times with seasons
I remain the inmate in the template of your arms

By Adeola Ikuomola
E-mail:[email protected]