By The Nigerian Voice
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The impact of the ongoing Africa Conference For Evangelists in Port
Harcourt, Nigeria is already speaking as we concluded the second day of
the conference. Pastor Donna Smiley Young from Sacramento, California
opened up the day plenary session with a powerful word on Prepare To Reach
Nations. She roared on the message God gave to her some years ago about
Africa becoming the womb of God that will produce a five fold ministry
gift that will take over the world for Christ. She further challenged the
evangelist to go to the nations in spite of setbacks and difficulties.

Rev. Keith Cook whose birthday was on Tuesday when he arrived was
celebrated by Bishop Michael Amamieye for his dedication to the gospel of
Christ. Bishop Amamieye noted that for the past four years since we
started the Africa Conference For Evangelists, Rev.Cook has celebrated his
birthday in Nigeria. We honor this man of God for his sacrifices
especially his wife Joan Cook who has always released him to serve the
Lord with us in Nigeria. Bishop Amamieye also informed the conference
delegate of the fact that most of the materials we give at the conference
were packaged by Rev. Cook and his On The Go team from several ministries
including the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Luis Palau
Association, Next Generation Alliance and others.

At each conference, we have given over two hundred books and materials worth
several thousands of dollars to equip the evangelist to do the work.
At his first session, Rev. Keith Cook began teaching on How To Start An
Evangelistic Ministry. The foundation he built will help every upcoming
evangelist discover his gift and call as a ministry with a mandate to
fulfill the great commission. The evangelist will learn how to educate,
train, mobilize and win.

At yesterdays session, we enjoyed the powerful music ministry of Zach
Blickens as he led the evangelists in a time of singing and dancing to the
song God is so good. Later in the session, Rick Willison, Matt Kearney and
Zach Blickens were released to go forth to minister to a group of young
people where eight souls gave their lives to Christ and several others
made a re-commitment to Christ.

The afternoon workshop session took of later with Zach Blicken teaching a
group of evangelists on How To Develop An Effective Youth Ministry. From
his passionate teaching, Rev. Dr. Femi Richard Bolaji testified to the
fact that Zach taught with great depth and strength. He noted that the
teaching was very relevant to every church that desires to build an
effective youth ministry. Pastor Shadrach LohouTer took the other workshop
class where he taught on How To Reach Muslims With The Gospel. He taught
on the power of relational evangelism as the most effective means of
reaching the muslims. The fact that Europe is becoming Islamized by birth
is something worth thinking. While they are spreading their religion with
the sword, we have to reach them with the sword of the Spirit which is
God's word through our love for them.

Yesterday's session was concluded by Archbishop Idem Ikon who has been
preaching this gospel over the past forty seven years in over seventy
nations. Dr. Ikon exudes the love of Christ as the means of winning the
lost because people are hurting. We have a responsibility to reach the
lost and win them for Christ.

Africa Conference For Evangelists continues today as more information,
inspiration and impartation is released into every evangelist so we can do
the work thus fulfill the ministry. If you are an evangelist or you have a
passion to do the work of an evangelist, make sure you attend this
conference before it ends on Saturday.Find us on Facebook: