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Cardiac treatment has become a special aspect of India. Now it has been combined with the latest advancements in medical electronics and unmatchable expertise displayed by experienced Indian cardio thoracic surgeons. Thus cardiac centers and hospitals of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Nagpur are providing important cardiac procedures like ventricular septal defect surgery in India. Less price ventricular septal defect surgery is a cardiac procedure that is highly sought by patients all around the world.

There are large numbers of cardiac hospitals in India where patients coming from the US, Canada and the UK can choose the medical services of experienced cardiac surgeons. Patients can get here the best medical care for this kind of heart disease. In recent years India has become a top rated hub for medical tourism, this is because of long waiting lists in western countries like US and Canada. Moreover there is lack of advanced medical technology in the countries of the third world. Thus India is providing a dual benefit it is providing surgical and medical procedures with the latest healthcare technology at an affordable and attractive price.

There is a wall inside the human body that is known as ventricular septum. This wall maintains a separation between lower portions of the heart and other parts of the body. The chambers of ventricular septum are known as ventricles. In the disease of ventricular septal defect the blood flows from one ventricle to the other in a direct way. This also occurs in a healthy heart due to the prevention of ventricular septum. Ventricular septal defect might also develop in women at the stage of pregnancy. It is one of the most prominent congenital defects.

How many types of ventricular septal defect are there?

There are two kinds of ventricular septal defects:
1) Muscular ventricular septal defect:-In this VSD an opening occurs in the lower section of the ventricular septum. This septum is seen upto a ratio of 20 percent in all cases of VSD.

2) Perimembranous VSD:- In this VSD an opening occurs in the upper section of the ventricular septum very near to the heart valve. This kind of VSD is seen upto 75% in almost cases.

What are the causes of ventricular septal defect?
Hereditary factors play an essential role in the cardiac disorder of ventricular septal defect. Parents suffering from congenital heart ailments have more risks of having kids with ventricular septal defects. This defect is caused mainly due to defect in the genes and abnormalities of the chromosomes.

Main symptoms of ventricular septal defect
1) Less weight gain
2) Tiredness and fatigue
3) Sweating
4) Heavy breathing
5) Rapid breathing
6) Tiredness while eating
Procedure of ventricular septal defect surgery
The surgery is usually done under the effect of general anesthesia. The procedure is as follows:-

1) The surgeon makes an incision in the center to reach the ventricular septal defect.

2) During the surgery the child is placed on a lung bypass or heart machine. This helps in pumping red blood throughout the entire body of the child.

3) The lung and heart machine also carries oxygen to the blood of the VSD.

4) The doctor makes use of a specific patch to stitch and close the ventricular septal defect.

5) Once the repair is done the heart gets restarted.

6) The child is removed from the heart/lung bypass machine.

7) The surgeon closes the incision of the chest on the body of the child.

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