Re: Peter Obi Left no Money &

By Jideofor Igboamaka

As concerned citizens of Anambra State, we feel strongly convinced on the need to warn the general public of the inherent dangers of the bizarre strain of journalism that Daniel Elombah has come to foist on the people of Anambra State, spewing pale-faced lies and outlandish fabrications to incite the people against the hard-working governor of Anambra State.

We have painfully followed the endless slew of malice thinly disguised as journalistic reports that Daniel Elombah has poured on the high-rising administration f Governor Willie Obiano and we have reached a point to break our silence.

With his, Daniel Elombah has dragged Nigerian journalism into a dark pit, far worse than the publicly condemned Akapa's Top Magazine of the early 90s. Elombah's sensational fabrications and insensate lies which he delivers in terrible English are a virulent staple that endangers our nascent democracy as they are often written to incite the vulnerable segments of the population who may not have enough discernment to see through his heap of lies.

His most horrifying output in recent times is the three-paragraph story with the above title where Daniel Elombah claims to have spoken to Governor Willie Obiano's Media Assistant who informed him that the governor had granted an interview to Sun newspapers in which he denied that his predecessor, Chief Peter Obi ever left any money in the coffers of the state when he left office in March this year. Contrary to Daniel Elombah's game of deceit, our exhaustive investigation has revealed that none of the Media Assistants to the Governor has ever discussed any interviews with Daniel Elombah or any of his faceless agents.

This virulent broth from Daniel Elombah who has become Nigeria's epitome of voodoo journalism stretched belief to its most inelastic point when he claimed that the so-called interview would be published on Saturday, Sunday or Monday, thereby revealing his real intent as captured by the speculation tone of the report.

The general public is therefore warned to beware of any manufactured interview purportedly granted by the governor of Anambra State to any Nigerian publication whether online or in print. Since he assumed office in March this year, Governor Obiano has never granted an exclusive interview to any publication and has certainly not granted one to any medium that has contacts with the discredited

In their desperation to find a chink in the armour of our high-achieving governor, Daniel Elombah and his sponsors have abandoned the narrow path of reason and truth to make a living from the destructive broadways of deceit and lies.

We wish to remind the general public that Daniel Elombah is a confirmed associate and financier of Fejiro Oliver, an internet fraud and fake journalist who was recently detained by the Department of State Security (DSS) for making a failed blackmail attempt on the governor of Niger State, Babangida Aliyu. Daniel Elombah is by implication, a co-traveller with Mr. Oliver and a handful of others who are determined to drag Nigerian journalism into abysmal disrepute. Well-meaning Nigerians should resist their attempts to add a dark and chapter to the history of Nigerian journalism.

Much as we uphold the truth that democracy is the mother of plurality and encourage Governor Obiano to accommodate constructive criticism that will nudge his administration to higher performance, we must however warn that any attempt by politicians who have fallen on hard times and their foot soldiers to foment trouble in Anambra State through seditious and malicious reports will be stoutly resisted by our group.

Jideofor Igboamaka ([email protected]).
President, Initiative for Change Organization (ICO)

Camp David
Ifite, Awka, Anambra State