Revealed: How Ngerebara Secretly Worked to Resolve Ogoni-Andoni Crisis

By Ogoni-Andoni Alliance

Facts emerged Friday (October 24) how former works commissioner in Rivers State and governorship hopeful under the platform of the People's Democratic Party, Engr Sampson Ngerebara worked to put an end to the damaging crisis which rocked the communities of Ogoni and Andoni in 1993.

Sources (names withheld) yesterday revealed how Ngerebara held several meetings with Ogoni leaders and prevailed upon them to help end the crises. It was also learnt that Ngerebara was compelled to offer financial and material support for those whose livelihood had been affected by the crises.

The source revealed how the works commissioner helped rebuild houses for some prominent chiefs(names withheld) in Khana LGA whose houses were touched as a result of the crises.

The source also revealed how Engr Ngerebara sent food items through prominent Ogoni leaders to communities affected by the crises.

"It was great joy to Engr Ngerebara when the crises was eventually brought under control and he hopes that the two communities will embrace peace and never allow such pain and losses on their people again" the source quoted Ngerebara's comment on the crises while addressing a delegation from Khana local government area in his office yesterday.

Barilee Johnson Dike
Ogoni-Andoni Alliance