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Warning to the World:

By Pastor Frank Akanbi

Hear the song by prominent Christian musician: “The coming of the Lord is near, beloved be ready the bridegroom will arrive when least expected”. “He is coming in the firmament, He is coming like thief in the night, He is coming when least expected, therefore run for the salvation of your soul”.

The coming of the Lord is at hand; it is a pity and will I meet faith in this world when I return to judge? My judgment will start from the household of Christianity, starting from the shepherds/overseers then proceed to the deacons, elders and workers. The judgment will affect all the souls that heard My CALLING, but did not answer the CALL. For what shall it profit a soul to gain the whole world and looses his/her soul?

Why is it that people prefer the lustful things of this world more than the Lord? Both young and small likes the sinful things of this world and pay tributes to its dynamic. Satan provides these tricks in order to take glorious crowns away from people and to make them lose the kingdom of God.

What are the spiritual supplies of Satan? First covetousness, this has sent many to hell. It has cause disabilities in many peoples' lives; it has given most people spiritual wounds and takes away their Holy Bible. They left their posts/positions and start to pursue the vanities of this world. It has made husbands to lose their wives, wives to lose their husbands, parents to lose their children, and children to become orphans. The importance of covetousness in the lives of those that are spiritually wounded and have fallen short of the glory is the love of money.

It is a common practice among the senior Pastors to start pursuing how to buy Real Estates, Airplanes, etc. instead of concentrating on the work of God. Some of them did not even know what to acquire again after buying water front properties or properties on the Island.

Love of Money:

Money has taken away kingdom of God from most of the senior pastors/priests. Majority have sold their glory, their calling and the Glorious Home because of money. Many have misspent and abuse money. Some so called pastors are taking marijuana and hard drugs. Most of them are drinking alcoholic drinks and they are committing fornication/adultery. Many of them belong to one or more satanic cult and fraternity. Majority of these people are still being honoured because people think My Spirit is still operating in their lives, whereas, I Almighty God, is stating categorically, that I did not know them because they are sinful kingdoms that will spend their eternity in hell fire.

Money has overcome majority and take away their Holy Bible. Money has made many to abandon Christianity because they cannot endure. People want to get rich quick with resolution to have money in abundance at all costs. What they have forgotten is that Satan is very cunning and he is using money to manipulate them in order to take the Gospel away from them, knowing fully well that he has short time to reign in this world.

It is a surprise that the senior ministers cannot endure and money has overcome them. I, Almighty God, did not CALL all of them. Most of them are the ones that call themselves. Some are called by what to eat (their stomach); many are called by lustful things of this world.

The forces of darkness knew that the only way the called and ordained people can overcome them is if they do the will of God. So they devised a method to fight and trouble them through the necessities and carnal things of this world, even though God grant them His power and spirit. For example: anyone of the ordained and the anointed that have business will be troubled through the establishment, while those that have benefactors will be troubled through their benefactors to the extent that they will neither concentrate nor walk with God in spirit. Eventually when they cannot walk with God in spirit, then, they will be looking for satanic powers to fortify themselves. This is what led many to throw away their glories and abandon the Holy Bible.

Fornication/ Adultery:

Adultery has made many women to divorce their husbands. It has made men to divorce their wives. An example: due to the consequences of adultery, most pastors/priests of both sexes have obtained spiritual wounds in their ministerial CALL.

Furthermore, it has made both male and female to have spiritual wounds that will make it impossible for them to enter the glorious home. Satan is using the spiritual cane of opposite sex to take away their glorious crown and it is only God that can make anyone to escape this cane.

Also this spiritual cane is very powerful since it mixes with the person's blood and water system. Therefore, it is very potent to the extent that only God can remove it because it is the Covenant of blood.

Satan has used various ways to take the spiritual key of the kingdom of God from most people and the question is will I meet any faith whenever I return to this world? The senior priest and the leaders are the worst affected by this crime.

The Hour of Panic:
It is the hour of panic and this is worrisome because of the ways the nations of this world will handle the issues of God next year. It calls for concern because people will not like to respect God, since the children of hell will continue to perform magic for people, and humans lack the knowledge to know that it is Satan's work and not the work of God.

Every nation that refuses to repent and reconcile with God will have panic/war as their portion. I Almighty God will permit the people with dual citizenship to wage war against these countries. Such is the case of Boko Haram in Nigeria because their leader is a dual citizen of Nigeria and Cameroon. Nigeria is peaceful before, but because they did not repent and turn to Me fully, this gives rise to the terrorist organization called Boko Haram that is troubling the nation.

It is a pity that the spiritual journey of the world needs prayer; also, the Christianity journey needs prayer; even the Children of My Kingdom needs prayer because Satan did not handle Christianity case with kid's glove.

The situation is worrisome and I am thinking of how to amend/straighten things, as well as steps to be taken regarding this issue because I am sorry that I had created humans on the earth and I am grieved in My heart.

Furthermore, My spirit will not dwell with men all the times because humans' hearts are filled with evil, sin and wickedness. Humans did not think deeply that everything, including wealth that they have acquired in this world will be left one day. They did not think of who will take over or inherit their earthly possessions.

It is the day that anyone including the presidents of the nations can think deeply that they will overcome the troubles of this world. Everyone is pursuing their goals/ambitions and not the progress of the work of God, and Satan is using this scenario to confuse and punish the world.

Received on Sunday, October 12th, 2014


This is the end-time; various types of sinful lifestyles and lustful nature have dominated the world. Different types of events are happening that are making the Christians to be worried. These incidents are reducing their faith and at times take away their faith completely.


The spiritual ship of the nation is in the midst of the ocean/river, is there a way for the ship not to drown? The way that I will resolve the issues of Nigeria will marvel everybody.

My judgment will come upon the powerful and highly respected people of the society. Many of these people are preparing for the upcoming election morally and financially, but some of them will not be able to witness the election. Their cases is similar to that foolish man in the Bible that stacked up wealth for himself but God said today I will ask for your soul, then who will inherit all his riches?

The people in the government are stacking up wealth when some of them will not be able to enjoy them because My hand of judgment will pass by this country in a way that will shake the nation and My glory will voice out spiritually.

Revolution in Nigeria:

There will be a revolution in Nigeria if they fail to fear God and turn a new leaf. If they fail to go against shedding of innocent bloods there will be revolution.



As I have said before there will be lack of unity among them and there won't be agreement among them regarding the candidate to be presented to vie for the positions, this will ultimately work against them and they will lose out.

If they can present a united front and they change from their wayward lifestyles, if they believe and put their faith in Me, then APC will take the control of government from PDP.

There is chaos in this party, because while some nominated Atiku others nominated Buhari, even the post of vice president will be highly contested among these nominated people Fashola, Oshimole, Rotmi and Okorocha.


If PDP advise their presidential candidate Jonathan to change form his sinful lifestyle and turn to God completely then he will win the election again, but if he fails to repent there will be revolution in Nigeria.

Senior Pastors and Leaders of Christianity:

I will judge the leaders of Christianity faith because they have changed:

· The service
· They have changed the doctrines,
· They have reconstructed spiritually the ship of salvation,

· They have rewrite the Holy Bible to suit their purpose,

· They have changed the mode of worship
· And they have elevated money, donations drunkenness, daily bread, fornication/adultery above God this time around.

They have forgotten that riches and wealth belong to Me and I have power of period and time.

Death of Famous Ministers of God:

As I have said previously that some of the servants of God that you are using their names to pray will die this year. One of those people that died is Sandela who has been buried. Others will soon follow unless they turn to Me, says the Lord.

Death of Traditional Rulers:

According to the prior messages, some of them will die this year, and one of them, the king of Ikorodu, died couple of months ago. Another king will soon pass away unless they change and reconcile with God.

Death of Theater Practitioners (Yoruba & English):

Though I told you, My people, to pray to Me to spare the lives of these people and you have tried your best, but for many of them it is only my grace that can make them to survive this year.

The youth among them are seeking satanic powers that surpass the age of their fathers. I will judge them accordingly, if they did not change.

Death of Popular Muslim Clerics:

Some popular Muslim clerics will pass away this year.

Death of Ex President:

One of the retired soldier/army who has been one of the past presidents of Nigeria: if he fails to change, he will even die before this upcoming election.

All the ex presidents of Nigeria including the ex Interim president should turn to

Me because I am waiting for them to change positively from the bottom of their hearts.

Though there are ministers of God in private buildings, built purposely for prayers to petition Me to spare the lives of these ex presidents because of monetary gains and presents received by these priests.

I am not a partial God, any of these pastors that refuse to tell the truth, when My spiritual sword takes away the ex president's because of their transgressions, then I will ask of their blood from the priests.

There will be great judgment regarding the ex presidents and I will not spare their lives unless they change. Those people are famous and they are well known throughout the four corners of the globe. One of them was nicknamed Maradona. If they fail to change, similar judgment that came upon one of them that died on the throne will come their way unless they change.

My judgment will start from the top to the people at the bottom. It means, I will start with people occupying federal posts/positions even the ex governors will not be spared of My judgment. I am waiting for them to change and turn to Me.

Political Parties Leaders:

The so called parties leaders will pass away if they refused to turn to Me. Presently some are sick, but this is only a warning sign that they must change positively. If they are adamant, they will not witness this upcoming election.

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God bless!

Pastor Frank Akanbi
On behalf of
Prophet Paul Okikijesu (Founder & General Overseer)

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