Fayemi lied on Ekiti debt – Government

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The altercation between the government in Ekiti State and the immediate past administration over the indebtedness of the state is yet to abate.

The Ekiti State Government on Sunday evening accused former Governor Kayode Fayemi of being clever by half based on the explanation he offered on the debt he left behind for the Ayo Fayose government.

While the Fayose government said the Fayemi government left behind a debt of N84 billion, the immediate past administration described the claim as bogus.

It asked Fayose to first study the books properly before making any further claim.

But one of the media aides of Fayose,  Lere Olayinka , on Sunday said Fayemi was being clever by half considering the explanation he offered on the debt issue.

Olayinka said the present government was not going to engage the Fayemi administration in any exchange of words but present the facts as they are.

He said in the statement: “We are not going to engage ourselves in exchange of words with those who served in the immediate past government because it is obvious that they are only being clever by half.

“Most importantly, joining issues with Ex-Governor Kayode Fayemi and his wounded men will not bring foods to the tables of Ekiti people.

“However, for the sake of clarity, it is important to state, once again that outstanding sum of N21.2bn was left from the bond taken from Bond Capital market and Agric Loan, N15.5bn from loans taken from various banks, N3.2bn as unpaid workers salary for two months, N2.4bn unremitted monthly deductions from workers salary for four months, N700m as unpaid subventions to parastatals and tertiary institutions, N400m as unpaid workers leave bonus, N3.2bn as unpaid pensions and gratuities (despite that the fund was deducted from Local Councils monthly allocation), N850m as unremitted withholding taxes and other deductions.

“As at the time we were compiling our report, over N10bn was discovered as indebtedness to contractors and more discoveries are still being made because projects were awarded at highly exorbitant cost, with roads awarded at over N1bn per kilometre.

“It is therefore another lie taken too far for anyone who worked with the immediate past government to have claimed that N36.3bn was left as debt, because what we analyzed amounts to close to N60bn and more are still being discovered.

“Also, there are other hidden financial transactions that are being discovered, and at the appropriate time, we will make details known to the public.”

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