Ejigbo - A Prominent town in Yoruba Land

By Olaide Usman Atanda

Ejigbo is a prominent town in Yoruba Land and the headquarters of Ejigbo Local Government Area, one of the oldest local government areas of Osun State in Nigeria. Ejigbo is strategically placed in the middle of the region, as 35 kilometres (22 mi) north- east of Iwo, 30 km (19 mi) from Ogbomoso in the north and 24 km (15 mi) from Ede in the south-east. It is about 40 km (25 mi) north-west of Osogbo, the capital of Osun State, and about 95 km (59 mi) north-east of Ibadan. It is part of the Ede North/Ede South/Egbedore/Ejigbo federal constituency.

His Royal Highness Oba Omowonuola Oyeyode Oyesosin (JP) is the King of Ejigbo , he is Ogiyan of Ejigbo Land, Kabiesi oo, Mo yi ka otun, mo yi ka osi oo, mo si fila fun ori ade oo. Ka de pe l'ori oo, ki baata pe lese oo, ki esin Oba o je oko pe o (salutations to the King)

Ejigbo people are hospitable, kind, hard-working,nice, generous and self-contented. Ejigbo is blessed with green land that's good for agriculture. They know how to respect people without losing their own dignity. Ejigbo indigenes travel wide and far. They are well-educated, well-connected and civilised. They have risen to the highest echelons in the country. A town that has produced Lecturers, Professors, Engineers, Lawyers, Doctors, Businessmen, state house of assembly speaker in two times. Mojeed Alabi, Najeem Folasayo Salam is the incumbent speaker of the state house of assembly, he hails from Ejigbo also. The senator representing Osun West Senatorial District in Upper Chamber in Abuja, Sen Mudashir Oyetunde Hussein is from Ejigbo as well. The Late Chief Remi Olowude (OON), the CEO of IGI also hailed from Ejigbo, may his soul rest in peace. If I start mentioning the Ejigbo indigenes'name, I'll be mentioning till next year, melo la feka ninu eyin adipele. I'm also an indigene.

With all these great men, Ejigbo is still an under-developed town compares to her neighbouring towns, Ede, Ogbomosho, Iwo and others. Undoubtedly, hardly you hear my town's name, you'll hear Ede ten times before you hear Ejigbo once. It's not that Ejigbo indigines are not successful, yes, they are successful but their notability has not brought any remarkable development to their town. A few solar light poles that's blinking as if they are fearing the windstorm can be called an achievement?

It is lugubrious that the whole town has no functioning bank. Some years back, there was once a Skye Bank in the town, before it was later relocated to Timi's Market in Ede, because of security challenges that the town was facing then. The bank was robbed three times in three months consecutively. Ever since then, no bank. Our political leaders has been promising us to bring back our bank since four years ago. We are still looking forward to seeing our bank, but till now, nothing. For our leaders, promise is very easy to make, but difficult to fulfil, they can use their tongues to pilot an aeroplane from Russia to Algeria, from Algeria to Liberia, and from Liberia to Nigeria.

There were five well laid major roads that linked Ejigbo to four other major towns (Iwo , Ogbomosho, Osogbo and Ede). But today all these roads have gone to ruins and have become death traps for road users. Unfortunately, all these roads are in state of anomie today. I even over-heard this in the air that, the state government had awarded the contract more than four times now, but still they are left undone. Oh God! Why these people are so heartless like this?

Our senator that's representing us in Upper Chamber of National Assembly has will soon complete his first term in office now, and he's even contesting for his second tenure in office. He can't point out any exceptional achievement in the whole Osun West Senatorial District talkless of his town Ejigbo. what is the assurance that he'll perform in his second tenure in office if he won in this upcoming general election?. It's crystally clear that, their second term in office is for embezzlement of public funds.

Honourable Patrick Obahiagbon is known for his idiolect. He utilised this to change things positively for his constituency when he was in Lower Chamber of National Assembly in Abuja. He proposed countless bill when he was in House of Rep, most especially and importantly, the bill of Benin/Ore road rehabilitation. His colleagues called him many bad names because of his distinctive mode of handling issue in the House of Rep, but he didn't care. Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, a rep from Lagos State also is doing the same. Both are well known for their relentless abilities. Just to mention few.

Our senator and Reps in Osun West are well known for their distinctive mode of dressing, wearing of round-shaped cap with round-lens eye glasses claiming they are emulating Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

Youth, you need to wake up from slumber. This is time to challenge our leaders, we need to question their inefficiency, perfidious acts. This is time to recapitulate their duties for them, though they shunned it as if they are not concerned. We can change things. Discuss this saddening issue in political meetings, challenge the elders with respect. Stop being leaders of tomorrow, today is our tomorrow. Ejigbo A dara ooooO.

(Written by Olaide Usman Atanda. E-mail- [email protected])

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