2015: Okorocha Moves To Return To PDP; Group Says He is A Liability

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Imo State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha is alleged to be making

clandestine moves to leave the All Progressive Congress, APC and return to

the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP ahead of the 2015 elections.

Okorochas moves were exposed through a Press Statement sent to

Pointblanknews.com by a Political pressure group called Imo Progressive

and Consultative Assembly, IPCA.
IPCA however urged President Goodluck Jonathan and the national leadership

of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to shun entreaties by Gov. Rochas

Okorocha to rejoin the party and seek re- election under its platform in

In a statement signed by its Coordinator, Nze Benjamin Irohah and

Secretary, Comrade Benjamin Ogoke, respectively and made available to

Pointblanknews.com, the group posited that if allowed to return to PDP,

Okorocha would turn a liability to the people as Imolites would not

hesitate to desert PDP and seek alternative platforms to pursue their

political ambitions.
The group maintained that having left PDP on two occasions since 1999, the

governor lacks the moral right to rejoin the party even after spending

much resource and time to destroy the party since he became governor in

2011. They also described the governor's second term ambition as a

continuation of 'Government of the Family, by the Family and for the

“Our attention has been drawn to the clandestine moves by Governor Rochas

Okorocha to rejoin the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and seek re-

election as governor of Imo state under its platform in 2015 after he left

the party on two occasions since the return of democracy in 1999.”

The group alleged that Okorocha hatched the permutation upon realizing

that his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) has become the

biblical 'forbidden fruit' in the South East zone as part of the designed

strategies to continue his inglorious 'Government of the Family, by the

Family and for the Family' beyond May 29, 2015.
“Information available to us suggests that Governor Okorocha has already

recruited some powerful individuals to besiege and possibly convince

President Goodluck Jonathan into believing that re-admitting him into the

PDP will automatically destroy and unsettle APC as well as diffuse any

form of opposition against his re- election in south east and some

northern states.
“Those political contractors recruited and handsomely mobilized for this

ambiguous project have Governor Okorocha's mandate of negotiating his

unconditional waiver and his automatic coronation as the apex leader of

the PDP in Imo state befitting his status as a sitting governor.”

The group alleged that Okorocha also mandated the political contractors to

arrange a meeting for him to personally meet and assure President Jonathan

his commitment to the party and his re-election.
According to the group, “having spent so much resources and time trying to

destroy the PDP since he assumed position and having boasted that APC will

rule Imo for 20 years, we are deeply shocked to chagrin that Governor

Okorocha would desperately attempt to hoodwink President Jonathan as part

of the sinister plot to extend his stay in government house beyond 2015.

“It is unimaginable that after destroying Imo and its economy within this

horrible four-year rescue mission, Governor Okorocha whose administration

also subjected Imolites to abject poverty, now schemes to rejoin the PDP

for another four year destructive term.”
The group urged President Goodluck Jonathan and the national leadership of

the PDP to immediately lock their doors against Governor Okorocha and

allow him to crumble and perish with his APC in 2015.

“Our greatest joy today is that governance has truly exposed Governor

Okorocha's greed, unquenchable appetite for wealth, wickedness, deceit,

corruption, lawlessness and disrespect to rule of law. Imolites and

Nigerians at large have known the true colours of Owelle Rochas Okorocha

who will definitely turn a liability to PDP if allowed to rejoin the

“We therefore warn that if Governor Okorocha succeeds and return to the

PDP, Imolites will not hesitate to desert the party en mass and seek other

alternative platforms to actualize their political ambitions in 2015.”

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