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Ab initio, APC is a political party of strange bedfellows. As a political party, APC was founded on the basis of vengeful and un-democratic ideals namely to grab political power and punish those who had administered Nigeria. Its merger with the illegality that is new PDP is even reasserting. From the fanaticism of Muhammadu Buhari, the never say die spirit of Atiku, to the empire building tendencies of Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu, the party is indeed one great agenda of chaos. Although, so many of the early decamped have gone home to PDP, a few of the members left in APC have untidy EFCC records; some of them have cases pending in court and these cases border on corruption, yet the irony is that the party is coming to curb corruption. APC is akin to a blind man helping a toddler to cross a busy road. Verily, a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. That is why APC is a wobbling tripod seated on religious parochialism, economic opportunism and hate

Recently, a one-time Head of State Gen, Muhammed Buhari asserted thus: 'They want to silence me because they know the role I will play in 2015. They have also sponsored reports in Benin Republic that I am the person financing Boko Haram'. Most people believe it was himself who organized the bombing to score political point. At least that is the opinion that has gained currency in the court of public opinion.

Earlier, Buhari had asserted: 'God willing, by 2015, something will happen. They either conduct a free and fair election or If it what happened in 2011 should happen again in 2015, the dog and the baboon would be soaked in blood' In a similar vein, in March 2014 an APC Chieftain Abu Shuluwa-a Northerner threatened 'Nigeria will descend into anarchy if Jonathan is allowed to contest the 2015 elections', as if he was INEC to determine who is eligible to contest.

On account of these hate speeches, the Catholic Bishop of Ekiti Diocese Rev. Felix Ajakaye called for the arrest of Buhari for his unguarded utterances, Buhari had earlier threatened that the 2011 election will witness the flow of blood and that Nigeria would be turned into a theater of war. The same Buhari threatened that Nigerians will not take it easy with them if they rig elections. The result of the statement was an orgy of violence in which scores of Youth Corpers were killed.

In October 2010, Alhaji Lawal Kaita said on behalf of the Northern Elders Political Forum. He said: 'We'll make Nigeria ungovernable for Jonathan. Anything short of a Northern President is tantamount to stealing our Presidency. Jonathan has to go and he will go. Even if he uses incumbency powers to get his nomination on the platform of PDP, he will be frustrated out of office'

Yes, Kaita was right because now he has rallied the North to reinforce the offal that is Boko Haram to distract President Jonathan and to frustrate and destabilize the nation. By implication elders like Kaita represent a bad example to the youths and a monumental waste to his generation because the real essence of living is preservation of self and future generations. Gen. Marwa had criticized former Governor Murtala Nyanko for writing an ill-conceived letter to President Jonathan alledging that the Federal Government was wagging genocide in the North East. Chief E.K. Clark called for the probe of Buhari, Ciroma and Lawal Kaita.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu also said 'No government that wants peoples votes will be doing what they are doing. They are already planning to rig the elections but be ready to protect your votes; nobody serves you freedom ala carte. It is going to be rig and roast'

Senator Tinubu appears to be the power broker but Muhammadu Buhari who has no democratic credentials prides himself of mobilizing the talakawa to rally round him. If you look at the dossier of those in APC, they are people who have either administered disservice to their people, rejected by their people or people unacceptable at any level because of the grubby track-records. APC is a Party that lacks a sense of integrating Nigeria, devoid, as it were of any political ideology. The characters in APC are mostly people with decapitated and gangrenous corrupt inept and profligate records obfuscated by delusive ideology of power for its own sake in a Machiavellian sense.

LETS SEE A LITTLE OF TINUBU'S DOSSIER. As Governor of Lagos State, Tinubu had perfected the art of empire building. Below a list of accounts with which Bola Tinubu has used to steal Lagos people money. These are the accounts where all his drugs and cocaine money go to. BOLA Tinubu's foreign Accts :

1- Name of Bank - First Heritage Bank, Country Club Hill, Illinois, USA; Account Name, Bola Tinubu, Account Number - 263226700.

2- 2- Name of Bank - Citi Bank NA. New York, USA; Account Name - Bola Tinubu and Compass Finance and investment Company Limited; Account Nos - 39483134, 39483396, 4650279566, 00400220, 39936383.

3- 3- Name of Bank. Citi Bank International, New York; Account Name, Bola Tinubu.

4- 4- Name of Bank - HSBC, 177 Great Portland Street London WIW60J: Account Name Sen Bola Tinubu; Account No. 71253670, Sort code-40-03-15.

5- Name of Bank - HSBC, 177 Great Portland Street London WIW 60J; Account Name; Sen. Bola Oluremi Tinubu, Account No. 71253670, sort code 40-03-15.

6- 6- Name of Bank - HSBC, 177 Great Portland street London WIW 60J Account name, Sen. Bola Tinubu - money market, Account No.04320002DN.

7- 7- Name of Bank - HSBC, 177 Great Portland Street, London WIW 60J; Account name: Tinubu Zainab Abisola (Miss); Account No. 172447101.

8- 8- Name of Bank - HSBC, 177 Great Portland Street, London WIW 60J; Account Name, Tinubu Oluremi Shade, Account No. 41421522.

A man with such a grubby dossier should ideally be cooling his heels in prison.

Atiku waded in to shove aside minors like Governor Amaechi-who now reads the book of lamentation about APC's deceit and betrayal. The Party now is torn apart into three parts. Atiku is hell bent on buying the ticket. Buhari argues that he has spent time to build the Party even though he counts on sponsorship from Iran, ISIS, and other fundamentalist groups in the Islamic world. Senator Bola Tinubu - an established political contractor is ready to trade with the Party and sell it to be highest bidder. He is a mindless opportunist whose mission statement is to worship money even if that means doing it to the detriment of that in hell.

The so called bigwigs in APC have less than edifying track-records of discrimination, looting; plundering and marginalization of their people. Such tendencies not only discourage the merit-driven system the PDP administration has been battling to entrench; they also crucify good governance on the altar of greed, avarice, and bring back the centrifugal forces of instability in our body polity.

The good thing is that most of those who initially populated APC have made a U-Turn back to their roots. As at now, APC cannot weigh their political strength on a balance scale of performance, probity and integrity. It is time for the APC to prove to Nigerians that the APC is a national party capable of building national consensus. The first litmus test if for APC is to select a Presidential candidate.

APC is not indeed a political party but an amalgam of self seeking marauders that seek to scavenge the nation and to keep it lying prostrate. APC is anti-national integration; anti-unity and the Party is one of the few Boko Haram apologists. APC preaches the seizure of power but does not promise good governance. APC undermines all the positive reforms going on in the country but only emphasizes the gray areas; which has been with Nigeria decades before the President Goodluck Jonathan administration. APC does not promise social well-being to Nigerians but promises to supplant the present, enduring democratic order. The Nigerian masses are at a loss as to what the APC wants or desires to use in replacing a democratic system that has endured for about 16 years.

APC's emergence in the political space smacks of the biblical Armageddon that would upturn civility and inoculate anarchy into the system. Because the matrimony was ab initio unholy, it was not meant to last. Today, the gale of decamping has demonstrated the self-aggrandizing tendency of the leaders. The cry of marginalization has exposed the Party to ridicule.

The pleasant thing is that Nigerians are getting wiser by the day. They now know how to sift real iron from dross. It is making the PDP more resolved and committed to implement its reform agenda; maintain her internal democracy, and accelerate the pace of her development projects. As predicted, APC is falling like a pack of cards but PDP is gathering momentum like never before. APC is bereft of any progressive ideology and has ultimately strengthened PDP's position to extend its rule beyond 2019. APC peddles vicious and repugnant propaganda and Nigerians now know the direction and thrust of the so called opposition.

Some refer to the APC as a convenient label of a group of buccaneers partying on the carcass of some dead ebola infested bush meat only to die after 21 days. The only thing that is clear is that APC is navigating a rough road to nowhere because the pilots are as confused as the crew. In 2015, Muhammadu Buhari should be ready to shed more tears; Atiku should be ready for a decamp back to the PDP while Senator Bola Tinubu smiles to the back with his slush funds.

Idumange John is a Public Intellectual

Sahara Reporters has obtained original copies of a judgement in the case of United States v Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the former governor of Lagos State, in which Bola Tinubu was charged (along with other defendants) in a case of massive drug trafficking and money laundering. This judgement directly relates to (and further documents) the September 16, 2008 “How U.S Federal Agents successfully Linked Bola Tinubu to drug Trafficking Ring in Chicago” report by Sahara Reporters Snippets of the case and subsequent judgement are presented below. The complete document ( VERY LARGE pdf file – 4mb ) can be downloaded at the end of this report. The United States of America, by its attorney, Michael J. Shepard, United States Attorney for Northern District of Illinois, for its verified complaint of forfeiture, states as follows:

1. This is a FORFEITURE action under 21 U.S.C , ss88 and 18, ss 981…..

2. The DEFENDANT funds are located in the above-described accounts and were SEIZED

4…. beginning as early as 1998, Adegboyega Mueez Akande, WITH OTHERS OPERATED a organization (sic) which DISTRIBUTED WHITE HEROIN , a controlled substance under Title 21 of the United States Code.

5…. this DISTRIBUTION OPERATION was conducted on a LARGE SCALE and the PROCEEDS of the operation SUBSTANTIAL.

The defendant funds represent proceeds of this OPERATION of property involved in MONEY LAUNDERING. 6…. the defendant funds represent proceeds of NARCOTICS TRAFFICKING … and … MONEY LAUNDERING….. the funds are therefore OREFEITABLE to the United States…. JUDGEMENT:

j… Neither a claim nor answer has been filed on behalf of the defendant funds …. accordingly, it hereby ORDERED that the funds in the AMOUNT of $460,000 in account…. in the name of BOLA TINUBU represents proceeds of NARCOTICS or were involved in financial transactions in violation of 18 U.S.C ss 1956 and 1957 and therefore these funds are forfeit to the United States…..

Written by Idumange John.

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