Being The Text Of A Press Conference Addressed By The Leadership Of The Coalition Of Christian Youth Groups In Nigeria On Monday, 13th Of October 2014

By Bamidele Seyi

Gentlemen of the press, distinguished ladies and gentlemen. You will all recall the sad incidence of September 12, 2014 in which the Guest House of the SYNAGOGUE CHURCH OF ALL NATIONS (SCOAN) collapsed. Since then, all shades of opinions and schools of thoughts have developed on the occurrence with each holding tenaciously to its view, hitherto without any profound investigation but based on intuition and shared beliefs.

The COALITION OF CHRISTIAN YOUTHS GROUPS IN NIGERIA views this approach as a misnomer, more so as the issue at stake concerns loss of precious lives of men and women in need of salvation or in service of God. It is in view of the above premise that we took the pain of engagement in a thorough, painstaking and profound inquest into the sad incidence.

In the course of our investigation, we took time to interact among others with; rank and file members of the church; and members of the ikotun-egbe community, most especially those living in close proximity of the church. We equally took pain to visit the site of the collapsed building.


Upon ample video evidences which were corroborated by members of the surrounding community, we were able to establish that prior to the collapse, a particular aircraft flew at an altitude too low for a plane that is not experiencing hiccups or with sinister motives. The said aircraft flew as low as 1500ft above sea level which is just marginally above the height of the collapsed SCOAN Guest House building. The aircraft went this low on three different occasions and the building went down moments later.

While we cannot safely conclude that the particular aircraft was responsible for the wreckage, certain salient questions are begging for answers on the suspicious movement of the aircraft. One, on how many occasions has Airplane flew this low in the past except perhaps during war period and in war zones or emergency period. These two scenarios do not apply in this situation. Two, why the strong close link between the abnormal movement of the aircraft and the collapsed building, time wise?

Another strange occurrence is that upon visitation to the site of the collapsed building, except for supporting pillars, no traces of floor slabs were found in the debris. All vanished with the collapse. This is peculiar to buildings that are controlled demolished.

Beyond the above, was the oral testimony of a loud bang sound reminiscent of a bombing scenario heard before the collapse. The CCTV video capture of the incident showed a clear cut prove of controlled demolition. The controlled demolition of the Bank of Industry Building on Lagos Island should still be fresh in the memory of those of us who were physically present or watched it via electronic media. Recollecting that event on Lagos Island portray a close semblance with that of the SCOAN Guest House Building.

Nowhere in the world had any building with structural defects brought down to its foundation like the SCOAN building. We crave your indulgence to watch the video clip of the collapsed building and attest to our position.

It is also instructive to say that of all the building in the SCOAN premises, it was only the particular building that the Aircraft hovered around that collapsed.

It appears not only absurd but height of blasphemy and sensational hypocrisy to ascribe the collapsed building to structural defect. Apart from the above incontrovertible evidences which are pointers to controlled demolition, there is also the argument that the particular building in question is not the only one with the one with that height and were constructed about the same time of same height. How then, was it the only one brought down if not for controlled demolition?

Our concern is borne out of the undue sensationalism and conscious attempt by some elements at rubbishing the name of the man of God, this by the grace of God will not succeed. Needless to say that more than any individual and corporate organizations in the religious class, nobody had contributed to the physical and spiritual upliftment of mankind like Pastor T.B Joshua and the SCOAN. This is a man who apart from impacting the grace of God on man through spiritual deliverance and healings had and is contributing in no smaller measure in assisting men of different needs and deprivations.

This is a man, who among others has projects catering for the needs of widows and widowers; little people; the elderly; physically challenged; orphans and impoverished. As ypart of her international disaster relief efforts, the SCOAN has established a permanent health care clinic in the Nation of Haiti. The church also provides scholarships to orphans and children of the less privileged with educational support given from primary to university level. There is also a rehabilitation programme for former armed robbers and prostitutes by which they are financially supported to enable them secure practical vocation. As the saying goes, “ twenty four hours a day at SCOAN, there is a need being met, a problem being solved, a skill being developed, a situation receiving immediate attention and a life being transformed” This is apart from the over 10,000 Nigerians that are gainfully employed by the church. This type of church must surely not be allowed to die.

The orchestrated campaign of calumny against the man of God has the potentials of undermining the good work he is doing for humanity, if not checked. What it takes evil men to destroy the society is for good men to stand aloof and do nothing. It is against this background that we raise our voice to be counted among those who stand firm on the side of equity and fairness. While praying for the repose of the souls that were lost in the incident, it is our belief that this is the time to show empathy and love to a man and ministry that has contributed immensely, physically and spiritually to the upliftment of mankind, rather than hatred and condemnation that some detractors are preaching.

Let us at this juncture commend President Goodluck Jonathan and Governor Raji Fashola for demonstrating high level leadership quality with their visits to commiserate with the man of God and the church. True leaders show empathy and care. While awaiting the outcome of the various investigative committees of the Government into the incident, restrains and cautions should be our watchword and not reckless and inflammatory statements.

By the same token, we condemn the attempt at rubbishing the name of the president of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pastor Ayo Orithsejafor in the on-going politically motivated seizure of Nigeria's fund by the South Africa authorities.

Long live the church
Long live the federal Republic of Nigeria.