A Tale Of Two Mbu

I was moved to write this article because of the recent arrest and detention of one of Nigerias seasoned journalist Amaechi Anaekwe by a "Controversial" Assistant Inspector General of Police Mbu Joseph Mbu for describing him as "controversial" in a live TV broadcast.

Before this Police gaffer Joseph Mbu, we have had a refined Nigerian Lawyer, Diplomat and Politician that share same surname with the Police gaffer, Matthew Tawo Mbu.

In my research about Nigeria's Foreign Policies in the First Republic at the Library in 2010 as an undergraduate Student of History & International Relations, at Imo State University Owerri, my attention was drawn to this statesman. Born 20th November 1929 in Cross River State, he was Nigerias first High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and a veteran of many ministerial port folios since the 1950s. Mbu who was described as Balewa's Godson began his political career with his membership of parliament from 1952 to 1955. He holds the distinction of the youngest Nigerian ever to serve in Federal cabinet between 1960 to 1966 and on several occasions Mr Mbu has represented Nigeria to many foreign countries. His credibility spared his life during the

1966 military coup. He died 6th February 2012 at the age of eighty two. Mbu's achievements are worthy of memoirs and biographies, post colonial evolution will be incomplete without the inclusion of Mbu.

Following recent development, I decided to write briefly about the late veteran diplomat, politician and Lawyer and compare and contrast him with the inconspicuous high ranking police officer Mbu Joseph Mbu whose controversial reign as former Commissioner Of Police in Rivers State almost ruined the economic activities and peace of the State, in a recent chat he described himself as the lion that was able to tame Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State during his stint as the State Commissioner of police.

The two Mbus served their father land in different capacities, while the Former was a Nationalist, Elder States man, and a Diplomat, who served and represented Nigeria diligently in various capacities in and outside Nigeria, he will always be remembered for his calm disposition and mature contribution which helped Nigeria through difficult times between 1967, 1970 and 1993, the Latter assumed the role of an emperor in discharging his duties during his stint as commissioner of police by making the State un govern able against the good people of Rivers State almost on daily basis.

In September 2013 the governor's convoy was prevented from gaining entrance into the government house through the main gate by Mbu's men, on two different occasions the youths accompanying governor Amaechi on a project inspection tour were dispersed by Mbu's police on the suspicion they will protest against the president, also the violent dispersal by Mbu's men of the newly recruited teachers that gathered at the Township Stadium to collect their appointment letters in September last year and his involvement in the controversial impeachment saga early last year that resulted to a free for all fight at the State House of Assembly and many more sins of Joseph Mbu that the State will not forget in a hurry.

It was obvious Joseph Mbu was acting on a script given to him from above, even his former Boss Mohammed Abubakar could not call Mbu to order, he was later transferred to Abuja February this year and was recently promoted to Assistant Inspector General of Police(AIG) which I call reward for a good service.

His latest arrest and detention of Amaechi Anaekwe reveals his kind of being, using the word "controversial" to describe Joseph Mbu is an understatement, he is a power drunk police officer who derives pleasure in infringing on people's right.

Joseph Mbu should know we have had worst police officers in the past, he should go and ask how they ended, he shouldn't see himself as special being, but rather an officer that swore to protect Nigerians not a few individuals.

In comparing their achievements, the late diplomat, Matthew Tawo Mbu was indeed one of Africa's major voices in the global arena, his legacies speaks for him, historians, diplomats and lawyers will always refer to his legacies.

What will Joseph Mbu the controversial police officer be remembered for?

He whom the gods wants to destroy he first makes them mad.

Unjoerated Onwukeme an Idealist wrote from Enugu [email protected]

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