NACONS Protest The Unlawful Arrest And Detention Of Ait Journalist By The Dig J. Mbu; Call It A Flagrant Violation Of Human Right And A Democratic Aberration.

By Abdulsalam Abdulfath Liberty, National President, National Congress Of Nigeria Students (NACONS)

We are not surprise with the unscrupulous attitude of DIG J. MBU as he unlawfully flexed muscle when he ordered the arrest and detention of an AIT journalist, a brave and frank presenter, Amaechi Anakwe who in the course of his professional role referred to DIG J. MBU as “controversial”.

In a loudest voice we condemn this act of unlawful arrest and detention of a journalist by lawless DIG J. NBU, an act which is a blatant antithesis of civilization and democracy, a anarchic act that run contrary to the letter of the Constitution and other laws of Nigeria. Surely, we are aware of these kind of unlawful and despotic attitude among some bad eggs in the police force, only God has exposed “controversial” DIG J. MBU, so that he may serve as lesson for others like him who is soiling the good image of Nigeria Police through lawless act.

This ugly experience we considered as circumstantial scene that come to unveil the disgusting arrogant of the bad eggs in the Police, though, it is provoking, such an assault which is considered as one on the journalism in Nigeria, however, it is an opportunity to correct the horrendous aberration that may have being going on for long in the Police. It is our responsibility as social justice crusaders to join hands to explore this circumstance to trigger sanity in the Nigeria Police.

We have Law and our courts are ready to grant remedies where there is wrong, because “where there is damage, there is remedy” this is a strength of the profession of journalism where the law has guaranteed freedom of expression, a fundamental rights enshrined in our fundamental law, “constitution”. DIG J. MBU will be made to “pay for what he bought” in the court of Law; our courts await our fundamental rights enforcement suit which can go “mutatis mutadis” with MBU's controversial defamation suit.

The Nigeria Human Rights lawyers are ever ready to sanitize the country, just like the Nigerian students and youth are solidly behind the Nigerian journalists, are our voice they are, and injustice to the journalists is an injustice to us. We shall all rise to explore this impunity as an opportunity to sanitize the Nigeria police.