By Kelechi Udensi

There is a piece of good news from Aba! Now the city can be compared to Lagos. Anyone who leaves home for another location in the same city gets to spend hours on the road. Where the problem lies is the Lagos situation would be as a result of distance. The Aba situation?

For the last seven years, we from Abia state have heard lots of stories on how Abia has become the America of our time. Roads have supposedly been repaired and people are in love with the governor. The sad part is that we only get the evidence from the corrupt Nigerian media alone. Honestly, whenever I move through the streets of Aba and Umuahia, I wonder whether I have run either mental or I probably am in another state. This is because nothing of all the noises the corrupt Abia state government make is true. Roads in Aba are unbelievable and shockingly embarrassing. Sometimes I wonder whether the governor is on leave. Sometimes I wonder whether he loves Aba the way it is. Sometimes I wonder how heartless humans could be.

Is he doing this intentionally, or does he just not know what to do? Why does he leave his job to chase shadows? Even if the former governor of Abia state kept him in bondage; even if the former governor of Abia state performed worse in his own time; does that explain this reckless attitude towards the enterprising people of Aba? I guess I can never get an answer.

After all we are in Nigeria. I must confess I do not know Etcetera, even if his name rings a bell. Whether he is an actor, writer or musician, I sincerely do not know.

People, I believe, have contrasting opinion about whatever he writes. I honestly have not read much of them, so I may not know where I stand. However, having read his write-up on the condition of Aba, I am forced to ask a question. Is it, as an Igbo proverb says, that the barber cannot barb, or the razor blade is not sharp?a

Must this state be heard of for the wrong reasons all the time? I am honestly sick and tired. But why would I be? In a state where salaries, pensions and gratuities are not paid; a state where potholes have become a blessing, because almost all roads are actually no different from gutters? I am honestly tired. Aba, that popular city, has become a joke. I must say I disagree with Etcetera on something; he actually committed a grave sin of understatement.

2015 is around the corner. We are going to correct all the mistakes. That is sure. If not, then Aba would be gone completely. We do not want that to happen, so we are going to do the needful. One lesson must be learnt from Aba. Aba is on its knees at the moment.

But the people's consolation remains that the downfall of a man is certainly not the end of his life.

Aba would rise again. Thank you dearest Etcetera. On this, I stand with, and by, you. We would be back. Abia would rise again. I do not think there is any question about that.

Finally, Mr President would come to Aba again for his campaigns. We are patiently waiting to see the road he would move through. Patiently.

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