By Biola Isawumi

Bukola Elemede popularly called Asa got my number right again in a song titled 'QUESTIONS'. Life is a package of questions and we cannot afford to be complacent and miss the answer in the 'Majors and Cores' of life. Questions are pointers to revelation. We live by information and we are alive by revelation; the discovery of the revealed, changes our perspectives and scope of understanding of the divine purpose we carry. My friend, Gbenga Fatogun said in his book 'Campus-Talk' that “Heaven cannot be short of revelation”.

This note is far from exposing only the mystery of revelation, but also to underline without mincing words my mind-message with regards to inspired lyrics of Asa's song in-conjunction with Mr 'Lere Atoyebi's note titled 'ARE YOU RELEVANT? : Ripples of Selah Inspirational', where he said “There are questions your life is designed to answer, there are answers your life is supposed to challenge and there are also questions your life is designed to generate”.

Here are my thoughts rolling into the lyrics of 'Questions'.

1. How many people's dream(s) shall come to pass? Man is a machine of dreams and to dream is one of the cheapest and simplest things to do in life. Lofty dreams of . . . . . higher ground, writing best-selling books, owning your company, travelling overseas to better your lot, winning the ultimate search, helping the sick as a medic, getting to the hot seat on 'who wants to be a millionaire', rolling away the stones for Nigerians, going to the studio to roll an album, getting married at 25 (as a guy) and at 22 (as a lady), finishing 1st degree with 1st class, transforming Nigeria to heaven on earth, . . . . dream, . . . dreams . . . and many dreams. How many of your dreams will come to pass if you continue this 'dream-race' with your present speed and commitment? If you are to score your 'commitment¬exam' scripts, what will you have by now? You are your best examiner using the original manual as a reference, don't be partial; self-deception kills faster than you think, pick a leaf from the tree planted by Ananias and Saphira.

2. How many movies turn out real? Actors and actresses are make-believe presenters. They make the unreal to look real and fake becomes original through their emotional and unconditional displays. Let me remind you, 'You are an actor on the stage of performance and an actress on a platform called this world'. Please be real and be original. It is your life, and this one life of yours must count. You are not a stranger to yourself. Don't act your life, but live your life. Understand your place in this place. Also, you are a player on the pitch of purpose. Don't just dribble; learn how to score goals for your name to enter the hall of fame. Don't just be a fan, be a player of purpose to win a trophy of grace. Don't just read history, make one. You are the actor in your own movie, “don't fake it to make it”. Follow the rules to become the reigning you.

3. How many people wish they are someone else?
“When you are trying to be like someone else, the best you can be is number two” (John Mason). You are the best 'you' God can make, that makes you the best in all. The best to be is a

BB (Be Yourself, Be the best). Take your time to discover what makes you God's original

intention, and then you will enjoy the joy of being YOU. Don't lose your value, you are priceless and can't be bought (even by the highest bidder). If you have fallen, be encouraged to arise from your fall. Please come back home because your father is waiting, enough of prodigality. Stop asking, “Daddy can I please come home”; Please do, you don't lose value with a true father. Return and bounce back.

4. How many babies will be born just to die?
Babies are bundles of joy! They are here on a message. Here me out, a purposeless man is not different from a baby that was born just to die. An unborn child is better than a man that is yet to discover his reasons for existence (Sam Adeyemi). We are born to live not just to exist or prepare to live. Tell me the joy of a fig tree without fruit? It is not a fig tree because of the ordinary leaves or branches; it is the fruit that makes it real. It is the fruit that defines fulfillment in life. One thing is to be born, another is discovering why. Asking 'WHY' points you to your destiny. There are only two things you can become in life: Becoming something for God and becoming something for yourself (to solve a particular problem). The world acclaimed experts on the subject of purpose, Rick Warren and Myles Munroe have advised men saying “Get a purpose and start living”. I religiously advised; locate a purpose because some babies may be born just to die.

5. How do trees whisper and birds learn to sing?
Trees don't learn whispering, it is their nature. A bird doesn't pray to sing, they just do. Elephants don't fight for bigness, they carry the gene. It is Lion's character to roar. Every man possessed a 'fully-packaged-instrument-of-influence' called the breath of life. You are genetically designed with an intention because you are made from the genes of God. Your lineage is divine and you come from the bloodline of champions; arise and live-out the stuff you are made off. You can't be small, because your source is more important than your size. It is called BIGGER than the biggest.

Still on with Asa's lyrics and an inspired smile on my face,

Biola Isawumi

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