I will pursue politics without bitterness-Mr. Nicholas E. Msheliza

By Ibrahim-Gwamna Mshelizza

An aspirant to the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Representing Southern Borno Senatorial District-2015, Mr. Nicholas Elijah Msheliza has said that he shall pursue politics without bitterness throughout his political campaigns and beyound.

In a press statement issued in Maiduguri by his media aid, Mr. Ibrahim Gwamna , the aspirant pointed out that his Principal's quest to be in the National Assembly in 2015" is borne out his genuine desire to add value to legislation, art of governance and to uplift the lot of the generality of the people of the senatorial zone in particular and to contribute to nation building".

According to his media-aid, "Mr. Nicholas Msheliza will consciously strive to pursue a campaign based on developmental issues that affects the very fabrics of our society and wellbeing".

The release states that Mr. Nicholas Msheliza draws his inspiration from the fact that apart from exercising his constitutional right , he is imminently qualified , just like any other indigene of Borno South to contest for senate stressing that "there is no document that suggests in any way the exclusion of any part of the state from occupying any electabke position".

"Mr. Nicholas Msheliza will pursue a populist programme that will have direct effect on the youth by way of creating employment and empowerment and on the womenfolk through skills acquisition.

"He shall also impact the communities through the provision of basic amenities such as potable water , attracting Federal projects and liaising to bring Federal Institutions to the area.

"He shall also promote Micro-Credit schemes to assist small scale entrepreneurs and small businesses poiniting out that he will initiate the formation of a Foudation to be run by a full compliment of a Director -General".

Mr. Nicholas Msheliza will achieve these objectives by assisting students with scholarships and by helping them gain admissions in Universities where our quota are usually not filled, assist final year students in their projects and assist gifted and exceptional graduates from Southern Borno to get placements in Foreign Universities their studies,