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When the Customer Is ALWAYS Right. PART II

Many people have heard about the Sunlight Free Airtime Promo. Few people have taken it seriously. Fewer people know it works on all Nigerian mobile networks, and that it is real. Well, it is: real. As real as Sunlight detergent itself, and as real as Unilever Nigeria, that ogbonge company wey tanda for Agbara Industrial Estate, Agbara, Ogun State.

Here's how I know.

I wash with Sunlight detergent because for me, it is better than the rest (so, if you didn't know before, abegi, quickly switch o) and when I picked the pack I'm using presently (the thing dey last o, walahi!), I noticed it looked a little different, as per regular customer na: There was this blue band at the top that said,

"Win Free Airtime
Inside to 38143"

Of course, I was skeptical. You know na, no be Naija we dey? But I sha opened the pack jejely so as not to lose the code, even if na N100, e do! I had actually expected the code on a card inside the detergent, but lo and behold o, na so I see the thing for inside the pack, yes na, by the side: "PROMO CODE ***********" I was impressed. A product that actually promises and fulfills, not the 'Keep Enjoying', 'Keep Trying', 'Keep Winning' that we have grown used to over time. But that's just the beginning o...

The instructions on the pack said to empty the contents out and check for the code. But I didn't, I just kept using the detergent hoping to use the code later. Of course the code faded off, gradually, so that I could no longer make out the whole code. So I called customer care, and to no avail...

Then I googled it, and found Sunlight Nigeria on Facebook. I lodged my complaint. They replied and asked for my phone number. And the impossible happened: they called me, and apologised. I am impressed. So there is actually a company in Nigeria that will conduct a free and fair promo, not the INEC style o, and not pray you to not win?

Na Sunlight detergent o.

So, friends, start using Sunlight Detergent, it's always available near you. Empty the pack and send the complete code (don't leave out the alphabet o) as a text message to 38143. You will get two text messages, the one acknowledging the message you sent, and the other confirming the validity of the code you sent. Then you will get a call from the machine and once you follow the prompt, your line gets recharged with credit from as low as N50 to as high as N1500.

All of you wey don dey throwe una pack, na correct credit una dey throwe o. Hmm... Quickly go exhume dem for ya dustbin now, now. The code no dey expire o. Come enjoy Sunlight detergent, and get richer in the process; after all, credit too na money. Me, I like awuf o; come join me na.

Sunlight! Cleans & freshens...

Ayokunle Adeleye (c/o #Ayk_EDIT)

PS. It will be unfair to not say that there is a "slight" chance of not winning anything from a pack, as happened to me thrice, or so; that the customer care workforce is not adequate for a promo this big, the poor fellows are obviously swamped; and that the customer care line, 0800UNILEVER, does not get answered if at all it rings..., at least not the dozens of times yours truly tried!

Much more painfully, if you enter a wrong code your line gets blocked forever, and not for a day or two as one would expect, and to get customer care to unblock it is quite the Herculean task. On the other hand, the numbers of the code are crammed together, no separations into three's or four's as one would expect, so that mistakes tend to occur, and frequently too.

Most painful is when you finally get through to customer care, one way or the other, and they refuse to help, however much you plead. And perhaps likewise in this league is being promised a refund for a faded code and not getting it; not even a decent reply explaining why you no longer deserve the promised refund.

Anyway, na awuf na... Cleans & freshens...

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