Igbo Presidency; Njem Igbo Endorses Governor Okorocha

By Njem Igbo Movement Group
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We the Executive, on behalf of our entire members of our group, Njem Igbo Movement have agreed to issue this communiqué at the end of our monthly Exco meeting held in Owerri on 26th of Sept. 2014.

That our attention has been drawn to the expression of Ohaneze Ndi Igbo on their position in regard Igbo Presidency Project.

We therefore wish to inform the leadership of Ohaneze Ndi Igbo that they should not yet write us off, its not yet over for us, in as much as Nigeria 2015 is concern we are optimistic that an Igbo man can still be the President of Nigeria.

We challenge Ohaneze Ndigbo to come up with tangible reasons why they always jettison the aspiration Ndi Igbo. Today on the Project of a Nigerian President of Igbo extraction we asked; If not now, then when?

If we keep waiting till we are ready at the right time, then that time may never come. They should note that Ndi Igbo has sacrificed much for the peace, unity and progress of this country. Hence, any further sacrifice must be done on the table of negotiation, accepted by the people. Njem Igbo therefore, want to make it categorically clear that we will continue to campaign against Igbo marginalization. Whether it is coming from outside or within. The continues jettison of Igbo Presidency project is serious criminal laxity which may harm our younger generation. Believing that Ndi Igbo has what it takes, we therefore, shall give it all it takes in 2015.

After our careful scrutiny, we therefore call on the Governor of Imo State His Excellency, Owelle Anayo Rochas Okorocha to come up to represent Ndi Igbo, and wipe out the shame from Igbo man face, by declaring his interest in the contest of Nigeria Presidency.

Being the last man standing on this Igbo project, the most destabilize Nigerian. His giant developmental strides in Imo State is a prove that he can do Ndi Igbo proud if he mount over the leadership of this country. Base on this solemn conviction we call on His Excellency, Owelle Anayo Rochas Okorocha to once again contest for the President of country in 2015.

We ask his Political Party APC not to think twice in given him ticket to contest under their platform, because that alone will definitely make the party the ruling party in Nigeria.

Egoigbo Paschal Nwabugo Owudi

National Coordinator National Secretary