By Marxist Kola

Talakawa Parliament

We members of the above named organization hereby condemned sensu stricto cum intoto the unprecenteded cum illegal detention of Mr. Ferijo Oliver a journalist and human rights activist by the Department Of State Security (Abuja) (DSS) unlawfully loyal to the Governor of Niger State Mr. Babangida Aliyu Muaza, hereby taking us back to the era of tears and blood where the vocal voices against injustice, oppression, homo homini lupus were detained under Decree 2 of 1984 during military regime. It is brutum fulmen, sardonic and satanic to discover that at this time of the so called democratic system, they are maintaining the oppressive status quo ante bellum. Mr. Fejiro Oliver, who is an investigative reporter with was heard of on Friday 19th of September, 2014 while he was in Abuja to honour an invitation spearheaded by the Secretary of Niger state Government, Saidi Idris Ndako specifically to hear the side of the Niger state Governor via the SSG as required by the Nigerian and International Law. It must be noted that the gallant Journalist has for donkey years written investigative articles about the reactionary and corrupt government officials in Nigeria general and that of Niger State Government in particular that have sequester the Talakawa to the sepulcher of history. Whatever crime Mr. Fejiro would have committed by hearing the side of Niger State government, it is not enough to keep him incommunicado without recourse to the law of charging him to court within 24 hours as required by the law.

We are by this giving those who captured him to expeditiously release him within 48 hours unconditionally or charge him to court as required by the law or we shall not fail to mobilize the masses on the street to say caboodle rejecmenta.

The Talakawa's are watching.

Marxist Kola

Mallam Abduwahab Musa
Secretary General