The Bitter Return of Isaac Achong As Commissioner of Police, Akwa Ibom State.

An undesirable element has arrived Akwa Ibom State and the people have become agog requesting him to leave immediately. The Diaspora, mostly Akwa Ibom people from US, UK and indeed the homestead have become very furious over the Second Coming of Isaac Gabriel Achong, this time round, as the Commissioner of Police.

The internet, ranging from Yahoo lit serv and Gmail group discussion to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram the people are voicing their anguish over the return of Achong as the Commissioner of police of the beloved and dearest Akwa Abasi Ibom State.

Suffice it to say that Akwa Ibom had enjoyed the status of the most peaceful state in in the Niger Delta and Nigeria at large until kidnapping started rearing its ugly head in 2008 but became more dreaded in 2010/2011 during the election which saw Gov Godswill Obot Akpabio through his second term ascension.

However, the kidnapping which started in the creek later metamorphosed into land as political opponents became the major targets. During this period, more than two hundreds people were kidnapped and hundreds murdered in the process. Kings and queens were no exception, traditional rulers who vented their voices against maladministration of Akpabio were hacked to death in broad daylight. Women and children were not left out in the kidnapping and murderous frenzy.

The kidnapping took a frightening dimension when the used-and-dumped kidnappers opted to recruit and form divergent branches that equally spilled out to other groups. This monstrosity of a trend had never happened before.

Later some suspected criminals were randomly arrested and shot dead by police whiteout trial, basically to dim the chances of incriminating their major sponsors and stakeholders. Some naive people in the state went on the euphoria applauding the effort of the police for this daylight robbery. Why just arresting and killing people without trial? Such question hardly popped up out of the people' mouths because of maybe, intimidation or lack of willpower, direction and full insight of the intent of the extrajudicial killings.

In all this, one thing is very apparent. Who was behind this killing of the so called kidnappers? Who was championing the negotiation of the kidnapped victims? Who benefited the most from the kidnapping and assassination spree that engulfed Akwa Ibom more than any other state? Millions of fingers are pointing to SP Isaac Gabriel Achong, the newly appointed Commissioner of Police of Akwa Ibom State.

He was the Deputy Commissioner of Police of Akwa Ibom for fifteen years and the docile people of the state kept mute and he reigned terror and mayhem in the beloved State until series of complaints hit the desk of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly Speaker, Hon. Sam Ikon. And in a unanimous vote, Isaac Achong was forcefully and unceremoniously sent parking. But before he bade farewell, Achong made one remarkable statement. " I am going come back one day to Akwa Ibom State." And I ask to do what?

In what sounded like a prophetic rendition from one of the minions of fake prophets spiraling the landscape of Nigeria, yet a fulfilled prophecy which seems like an odious dream, Achong was back! Why is he back to Akwa Ibom state now that peace has undoubtedly returned and the seeming volatility melted into Atlantic Ocean? Or you would say buried in the molten magma close to the Indian Ocean. Many observers have ventured that the Cross River born police personnel has come back to the state to resurrect his unfinished business which included but not limited to arbitrary arrest and detention, intimidation of Akpabio's opponents and harassment for political motives which had in the past made him to become one of the richest police officers in Nigeria and whose wealth is flaunted in different states of Nigeria including but not limited to Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Lagos and Abuja. I hope you've not forgotten in a hurry that "all the Absaloms and power seekers through the back door will die"? Is he coming to fulfill the death of the Absaloms and the power seekers through the back door prophecy?

How did this police dude find his way back to the God's Own State? Speculation are very rife that the Akwa Ibom state governor, Chief Gidswill Akpabio might have keyed into the proverbial saying that the dogs recalls it old delicious delicacy and licks it mouth. And because he, the governor is handling two significant tasks that he wants to accomplish them willy nilly on or before May 29, 2015, and you would be curious to ask, what the these tasks are? My beloved "Ano Mkpo Inam" is very desirous of installing his much touted successor and at the same time, wants an easy ride to the hallowed chambers in Abuja, call it the senate, where all the thieving governors are desperately craving to go and hide; as they believe their immunity will be shredded after May 29 of next year in order to be relevant and hold that as the last straw or a source of wielding power and connection for intimidation

In order to scale through all the hurdles, political pundits have advanced that the ruffled Governor Akpabio recently paid a solidarity visit to the Acting Inspector General of Police, Mr. Suleiman Abba, but intentionally leaked a petition letter he handed to the AIG about Chief Assam Ekanem Assam, SAN, the Ambassador to Russia and Belarus to hoodwink the people of his main intention. Can you now see the dashboard of Akpabio's algebra?

It will interest you to know that series of petitions for the redeployment of Achong have already gone to the Presidency and the AIG himself, will the yearning of the people dropped into the trashcan just to allow the whims and caprices of one person see the light of the day?

But as the people are saying '..."NO" we don't want Isaac Achong as the Police Commissioner giving his past antecedents...' will more money buy what money cannot buy?

We cannot continue to shout in croaked voices that we are tackling corruption when we are still applauding the same corruption.

All we are sayinnnnnggg...we...don't....want Achong!

Asu Nyong is a contemporary, socio-political analyst in love with the US cliché, "In God We Trust"

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