"I will marry Linda Ikeji" popular blogger reveals to Mary Stopes, Good life Magazine reporter

By The Nigerian Voice
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In an interview by Good life magazine reporter Mary Stopes popular blogger Tatafonaija original name Belema Meshack-Hart speaks on his passion for blogging, Helen Paul and the name Tatafonaija, his love life, family and interestingly the belief that he would marry Nigeria's foremost blogger Linda Ikeji, read excerpts below..........

Mary Stopes: Can you tell me a bit of yourself?
Tatafonaija: Thanks Mary, my name is Belema, i am from Rivers State, i studied Mechanical Engineering at the prestigious University of Port-Harcourt, but now am a blogger and prefer to be called Tatafonaija, thanks

Mary Stopes: Why Tatafonaija?
Tatafonaija: Because that is my brand now, that is how i want to be known and seen, sounds funny but that's me.

Mary Stopes: I know Helen Paul is called Tatafo, how did you come about the name Tatafonaija?

Tatafonaija: Thanks Mary, so many people ask me the same question, sincerely when thinking of a name for my blog, the name came as a result of what i intend to do with the blog, which is talking, and you know some one that talks a lot is called Tatafo, so i said i am going to be talking so much about Nigeria, hence the name Tatafonaija

Mary Stopes: Have you ever met Helen Paul?
Tatafonaija: No, but i hope to someday
Mary Stopes: Who inspired you to start blogging?
Tatafonaija: Linda Ikeji
Mary Stopes: How?
Tatafonaija: I came across her blog, loved it, heard she is making money, said i want to make money too, if you look at my blog it is modeled after her's.

Mary Stopes: Are you making money from your blog now?

Tatafonaija: Yes, but not as much as Linda, i hope to some day soon.

Mary Stopes: How much do you make monthly?
Tatafonaija: Mary, you know lots of people will read this, i cant say how much, but for now i make enough to pay my bills.

Mary Stopes: Lets get into your personal life, are you married?

Tatafonaija: Am not married Mary, but some time soon.

Mary Stopes: Any one in mind?
Tatafonaija: Yes o, Linda Ikeji, i really admire her a lot and i know i am the right man for her, i want to be there for her and show her love like she has never know, true and real love,mark my word Mary, i will marry Linda Ikeji.

Mary Stopes: That's some confidence, how old are you?

Tatafonaija: Old enough
Mary Stopes: Any word for aspiring bloggers
Tatafonaija: Blogging is hard work, nothing good comes easy, when people are asleep you are awake, reading and researching for good stuff online, it takes at least 3 months of consistent blogging to know if you are called to be a blogger, and one more thing, you will always need that extra to make your ordinary efforts, extra ordinary, for me that extra is God, i advice the same for others.

Mercy Stopes: Thanks Mr Belema, sorry Tatafonaija, hope you will stop by again?

Tatafonaija: Thanks for the opportunity, i will stop by if you invite me.