Jechira 2015: As The People Beckons Upon Engr. Mrs Mnena Shija

By John Akevi & Akosu Emmanuel

As the people closes into another round of elections come 2015, with its accompanying events characteristically bubbling with intrigues, gimmickery, political mudslinging and manouvres across the country, the centre stage appears ripe with huge significance to all and sundry. But of momentous stake is the Jechira Federal Constituency seat at the National Assembly.

Jechira appears quite relevant in the national political space owing to its aura of great minds and the cream of leaders it has produced over the years both in public and private spheres. It has indeed produced men and women of outstanding credentials and social standing with national and international recognition. It is probably why its unique flair of politics usually appears attractive to observers.

Jechira Federal Constituency comprises of both Vandeikya and Konshisha Local Government Areas, has no doubt produced sound minds that have excellently excelled at various capacities. The out come of their leaders' mandates have relatively been impressive, to say the least.

At the return of democracy in 1999 to date, the Jechiral constituents have had less cause to lament over the activities and subsequent delivery of those that have occupied their seats at the National Assembly and other capacities. At the moment, the recent display of men and women gunning to occupy the Federal seat seem not to be disappointing by any means. Even at that,a good number of them posses the necessary requisite needed to occupy the coveted seat at the National Assembly.

By objective observation however, and given the present mood, expectations and general opinion of the Jechira people, Engineer Mrs Mnena Shija appears reliably relevant at the critical moment as a clear choice in the Saddle. This is largely owed to her great achievements, excellent ideals, social standing, practical virtues, impressive credentials and her people inclined manifesto. Undoubtedly she appears kitted with the ideal social blend to match the wider expectations of the Jechira constituents.

It is clear to many that her Sojourn in governance over the year has proved to be solidly productive and beneficial to mankind. As a former Commissioner for Works, Housing and Transport, she left no one in doubt of her resolute to deliver on her core functions. In fact, the brilliant score-card of the Suswam's administration was largely owed to her professionalism, commitment, tact and will. She indeed proved to her principal and the good people of Benue State that she possessed what was needed to achieve prompt delivery of her mandate. It is to Mrs. Shija's credit and her kinsmen and women that she is truly a genuine bred of theirs.

At the height of the suswam's administration, Engr. Mrs. Mnena Shija became the primary executor of the infrastructural blue-print of the admininistration in the range of massive rural and urban roads construction, amidst several other public projects. She practically earned the governor massive awards and accolades in the area of intrastructural development. That administration and indeed the people of Benue State still hold Mrs. Shija very dear as her Strides remain eloquent on the sand of time.

An amiable woman of sound virtues, with vast well of knowledge and experience in governance and society, Mrs Shija religiously upholds strong values of care, morality, modesty and humility.This humane philanthropist have over the years empowered a good Segment of Jechira youth and women largely considered vulnerable. Most people attest of her rare virtues and sacrificial regard for fellow women who see her as a role model, a mother, and a brilliant example to womanhood. To them Mrs Shija falls into the ranks of the likes of Dr. Oby Ezekwesili, the Late Dora Akunyili, Hajia Gambo Sawaba who have proven in their selfless service to motherland as worthy ambassadors of the women folk.

Born on July, 1965 at Mbaakon in Vandeikya Local Government Area of Benue State under very strict tutelage and supervision of her Father, Evangelist Daniel Dzenda.

Little Mnena grew to deeply Crystalline herself with the core teachings of Christianity and its rewarding acts, which would bear in the latter part of her public life and political undertakings. She started her early education at the NKST Primary School, Adeyongo between 1972 – 1977, from where she proceeded and gained admission into the Holy Rosary College, Idah in 1977 and later got admitted into the Famous NKST Bristow Secondary School, Gboko where she Passed the WASC in 1981, and in brilliant Colours.

By 1984, Mrs Mnena Shija was at the University of Agriculture, Makurdi where she read and earned a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electronics/Electrical / Telecommunication in 1989. Her career in Engineering started quite early as a corps member with the then BCC Gboko (now Dangote Cement), where she faithfully served and was later retained. While in the services of BCC, she became the company's computer Hardware/Software Engineer and grogramme Analyst from 1990 –1993. Between 1994- 1996 she rose to become the company's Computer Analyst / System Administrator.

Quite a while , precisely from 1977-1998, Mrs Shija has fervently served as Chief Executive Officer of Expert Communication Ltd. Between 1998- 2007, she was Chief Executive Officer, Expert Engineering Services Ltd, a firm reputed for high standard consultancy and contractual services, from where she was beckoned upon by the suswam's administration to serve as commissioner for Works Housing and Trasport.

Engr. Mrs. Mnena Shija no doubt possesses and enviable tract record of service, more so as she. Falls into the women folk who are stered typically classified as weaker sex. Such erroneous classification does not by any means deter the determined Shija. She has earned herself the status as the first female Engineer to serve as a commissioner for works, Housing and Transport in the history of Benue state. More to that, she is prominently acknowledged as the first female Engineer in Benue State.

Mrs Shija strongly driven by selfless Service whilst holding tight to her professional career which without doubt has translated to benefit mankind over the years remains firm to her beliefs. She is a Fellow Nigerian Society of Engineers (FNSE), Member Institute of Management Consultants and Member Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria. Member, National Council of Engineers, Executive Member, Nigerian Society of Engineers.

With a strong connect with her people, Engineer Shija understands primarily what constitutes the yearning of her Jechira Constituents.

Though deep necked into the Nigeiran murky-watered politics with its gimmicks and deceits, Mnena Shija is pratically driven by love for humanity and the fear of God. Observers see her as one with the direct touch with her people having grown to taste the sweet and soured experiences of the down trodden, she understands how best to meet up with their yearnings and challenges.

A very consistent party faithful, she has persistently worked for the success of the PDP at both local and national realm of politics.She has indeed paid the prize through her goodwill and tremendous support for the party. A social mobilizer, and model to many, she is a member of the PDP Elders Forum representing Zone A from Jechira Axis. A team player, advocate of socialism and a firm believer in consensus views, she is consistent with practical democratic ideals geared towards benefiting mankind.

No doubt her private home and office are usually a haven of a sort as people usually troop in to seek one form of favour or another. Engr. Mrs Mnena Shija by all factors desires to extend a touch of her profound magnanimity to her people at all times. For Jechira, she appears to be the suitable choice as the people beckons upon her to represent them at the Lower Chambers of the National Assembly come 2015.

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