Sheriff visits Maiduguri alleges planned mischief

By Ibrahim-Gwamna Mshelizza

Former Borno State governor sens Ali Sheriff alleged accused by self appointed hostage negotiator steve Davies plans to visit maiduguri to condole his political compatriot Kashim Imam over the death of his mother.

Sherriff who is scheduled to visit Maiduguri Monday has alerted of a planned mischief by agents of the borno stste governor Kashim Shettima to embarrass him during the visit .

A former commissioner and spokesman to the former governor Mr Inuwa Bwala said the governor May have hired political thugs to carry placards denouncing his benefactor with intent to embarass him

. BWala said adequate security measures have been taken to call public attention on the governor and his coherts ts to wit mischief , cause disaffection and unneccesarily heat up the polity but he is not detered as they know the sources of the mischief adding that the former governor will make arrangements for his formal cross over to the PDP while in Maiduguri.

It could be recalled that there has been no love lost between governor kashim and his earstwhile godfather over disagreements over certain political decisions.