Mazi Odera... Onye ka ibu?

By Valentine Obilasi

Hahahaha… The chicken has come to roast..

You have tried severally to meet His Excellency for right and wrong reasons. Wow! Are you sure?

Are you disappointed not to have succeeded in seeing the governor or you are angry because all your efforts to deceive him into engaging you as an attack dog backfired?

Ibu anu nkpam.

That you are advised to look for a genuine work to do instead of tailing around the governor begging to be employed as a political online thug should have been a blessing to you (if you were ever destined to grow), unfortunately, greed and lack of focus have led you to expose your rotten inner content.

If at all you had good intentions for Anambra State, you would have started this whistle blowing in positive note… Instead you resorted to name-calling and blackmails which signifies your total being.

When you lost the battled to become a media aide to Obiano, you lobbied, cried and begged to be retained as an “official” social media Agbero for the governor.

However, your lack of class and good command of English Language could not pass you. Also the fact that Social Media activities does not end in fairly used write-ups and campaign of calumny which are your only skills, you were totally unsuitable to serve a man who's vision aims to transform Anambrarians to Ndi Anambra.

Onye kan na agwa… Mazi Odera.

Yes you, Oderaigbo aka APGA Alaigbo, a street hustler who publishes junk for who cares to play dirty by casting aspersions on innocent personalities and instigating hatred through negative insinuations.

You have severally written to warn and caution the governor of Anambra State and his media team… How dare you? Onye ka ibu?... A dirty toothless attack dog like you…

In the case you are unaware of the rules, an online thug does not threaten to explode because your past “dirty” jobs are well documented to control your excesses just as a chain coordinates the movement of a wild dog. Your activities with the past governor leaves you as an ex-convict with a presidential pardon. So respect you old age.

If you think creating yahoo close user groups to gossip with your limited friends defines social media then you need to be tutored on the new media by social media scientists who control the internet cyber space…

Look, I am not bothered by the fact that you are being sponsored by the media aide of Okwute Ndi-Igbo (which I doubt if Obi is aware), my worry is that you are not being sharp enough to notice that cheap gossip, blackmail and concoction of stories does not deter the will of Akpokuedike to led Ndi Anambra as he promised.

Your conjured write-ups on resignation of Vivian Nwandu, Accountant-General and the composition of Oil and Gas Committee are too cheap and incoherent to receive my comments, it simply shows your desperation to satisfy the biddings of your paymasters… But an empty head cannot move mountains.

Uche gi di kwa ya…

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