Dimgba Igwe :  A Perfect Gentleman And An Icon In Journalism

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The name Dimgba Igwe rings bell in the world of Journalism is to say the least, an understatement. The sad news of the passing on of Dimgba Igwe, the Vice Chairman of the Sun Publishing Company flittered to us on Saturday 6 th September, 2014.

Nigeria has yet again lost one of its finest brain, a patriot, a perfect gentleman and a detribalized Nigerian who had carved a niche in both print and electronic media.

Therefore, it was most shocking and destabilizing to hear that the fine gentleman and well-bred journalist in no more.  The  4 th estate of the realm indeed has lost a rare gem! His sheer distinction, brilliancy, rectitude, morality, honesty, ethos, analytical mind and his approach to national issues is absolutely outstanding. He has left a big vacuum that will be difficult to fill.

He is a highly gifted and talented journalist with unique elegancy in writing style. He bestrides the pen profession like a colossus. He was a total, complete, bold, articulate, dynamic, fiery, consistent and uncompromising journalist whose words, astute and integrity stands him out among his competitors.  On the demise of a quintessential, brilliant, upright, versatile and revered pen pusher, Dimgba Igwe on Saturday 6 th September 2014, his death came to us as a rude shock.

At no time, to the best of our knowledge, was he caught or found engaged in unethical deal or being rude or nasty to any of his colleagues. He has left imperishably legacies on the sands of time. His wonderful contributions to national building can never be forgotten or wiped off.

As a father and family man, he was an epitome of discipline, humility and unpretentiousness. May the almighty God give the family, pen profession and the nation the fortitude to be the irreparable lost.

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