By Okey Madubuife

Since he could not be appointed an unofficial attack dog of the Obiano government, Daniel Elombah and his team have descended on the government of Anambra State. There is nothing they have not alleged against the government. What Elombah, the disgruntled and shyster lawyer whose rent in London is paid by a hooker is what he has not thought of. He is emboldened by support from a disgruntled ex-governor of the state who believes that if Willie Obiano is allowed a free reign he will be consigned to the dust bin.

They have together run a ring against the government, reporting all sorts of evil against the administration in their bad English. What is left for Elombah, Fejiro Oliver, Tim Elombah, Akuko si Anambra, the trader turned blogger, the squirrel of a Joseph Goebbels of the former government in the State -all of them one and the same thing is to tell us how Obiano sleeps and wakes up. Soon that will be public knowledge.

But what is the grouse of Daniel. It happened not long ago. Immediately after Obiano was sworn in as the governor of the State Daniel flew into Nigeria. I was reliably informed he was a regular face in the preceding administration. Unfortunately for him his proposals to work for the government did not receive immediate response. He immediately got in touch with the media aide of the governor. Because of the desperation visibly noticed by the aide he became suspicious about Daniels intentions. Subsequently he decided to put him on hold. At a point when it was becoming increasingly difficult to parry discussions with Daniel the aide decided to meet with him. The incoherent proposal which he was made to discuss made the aide to balk. Again the aide parried further discussions. As it became obvious that he has shot wide of the mark Daniel decided to blackmail the government.

The governor who suddenly became a heavy drinker before Danial and his team did not start obviously. Why did it take Elombah this long to report that --after his expectations were not met. Obiano wears only designers clothes did it start today- maybe after expectations were not met. Obiano married his secretary did that also start today- again after expectations were dashed.

But what happens today has its root in the vendetta being pursued by the former governor of the state.

Elombah has told us that he was not the man who made the new governor. His pains are made worse by the fact that his nemesis, Victor Umeh who beats him in every tie has fully taken over. A lot of people should have asked what made the former governor whom Elomba continues to compare with the new one as if everything about the ex is good for the people, why he decided to empty the state treasury before he left office. And went ahead to announce a bogus figure as being in the state coffer for his successor. Anybody who knows the ex well up to his brothers and sisters in Agulu will tell you he likes to be the only shining star. What about Techno Oil...owned by his brother's wife? He has done everything to frustrate Nkechi so that Chairman's heritage is left kaput.

It is strange that Elombah who complained to me personally about the former governor's stinginess has suddenly changed 360...a marriage of convenience that is bound to fail. But who is Daniel? A shyster and a gigolo who lives off men by blackmailing them. Those who know him from Nnewi have warned against his antics. Daniel has no head for details they told me, he is also a gambler and an opportunist. I would have dismissed everything said of Daniel but the fact of his being scatterbrained is incontrovertibly true.

I shall bring you more on Elomba and his team of disgruntled writers if they can pass for one. NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!

Okey Madubuife writing from Ojoto

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