Before we crucify all Muslim

During my primary days, I had very good friends. They are Abdulhakeem Shehu and Ak Shehu . These were brothers and I was like the third one in their midst. Their father Late Alhaji A. W. Shehu (may God grant him paradise and rest his soul), was like a father to me.

After school, we went to his office and he drops me off at a junction before proceeding home with his boys. Through out this period, there was nothing like this one is christian stay away from him. I went to their house one time and the family members all wanted to see this friend of their siblings. My parents were equally aware of this relationship and approved of it. I owe this duo immense gratitude for the things they did for me and will never forget. It is unfortunate that in today's Nigeria, this can no longer happen. We indoctrinate our children from home on who they should associate, mingle or interact with. Yet, we preach unity.

Then I went to Government Secondary Technical School Soba(now Government Technical College, Soba), where I met King Ukissa Abdullahi. He was like an older brother to me. There were days when he woke me up to attend morning devotion. But he is muslim! He never betrayed friendship for any thing whatsoever; not even religion. I visited him the last time I was in Kaduna, the reception by members of his family remain ever green. I attended Kaduna Polytechnic, where I met Isah Haruna Attah Buhari Musa Abdullahi Abu Abarah and several others. These people have remained brothers till date. After the 2011 elections for instance, I was in Benue State (where I observed the election), crises erupted in different parts of the country. For some reason, I couldn't contact them. They were the ones worried for me and were inquiring if my family and I was safe.

I also met Musa Suleiman, my school mate and colleague at United Arewa Youth Organisation(UA YO). We have been involved in activities on ways to curb the madness that as bedeviled this country. At the shortest notice, we travel to attend meetings even at the greatest risk. Not for anything, but to bring peace.

These people are all muslims, good muslims; and most have them have condemned and are still condemning the activities of boko haram and other militant sect. For somebody to say that I should rob boko haram on them simply because they are muslims, will be most unfair. No matter what happens, there are still good muslims who are opposed to what is going on.

Instead of standing aside and condemning all muslims, let us team up with the good ones and save Nigeria. Good bless Nigeria.

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