Before we widely accept animals as our 'mate'

These are indeed weird times in our country. An era which appears to have joined us in courtship with strange and unbelievable occurrences; emanating from us happenings we had earlier taken to be the exclusive preserve of those of other climes. It now seems as if the upsurge in unfathomable news is here with us and from us. Suddenly, we are now exporting unbelievable stories from our backyards to the rest of the world. I have no doubt people of those other land we thought are wont to wreck strange acts that made headlines will be shell-shocked to hear the news we are now feeding them.

But why wouldn't they, when, from within, a good number of us are utterly dumbfounded by what we hear our 'compatriots' do at present. It's not by mistake that I have elected to question their being compatriot. It is simply because the hobby they have adopted as pastime is not only un-Nigerian and un-African, it is verily un-human!

Even those of the Western world who are known to have awkward taste when it comes to sexual relationships will marvel at this new frontier that some Nigerians are unfolding in that field.

I suppose that very much suggests what is bugging my intervention for today. If you still don't get it; I am pained by the fact that those who should be my countrymen are now settling for dogs and hen as sex mates. They have condescended from the envious pedestal the Creator placed them into robbing shoulders, nay their sex organs, with dogs and hen. That they would derive sexual satisfaction from mating with these animals, to me, makes them their kind! After all, the word 'mate' in itself reduces them to becoming the animals' mate.

God must be grieving by this inexplicable action of theirs. Must man take to this new low just to make a point of rebelling against God. In fact, satan is a very wicked being! Why must he so grieve God by leading man, who He created in His likeness, into foolishly allowing common animals partake of that privilege. I'm dragging the supernaturals into this because the perpetrators of this terrible act would want us to believe they knew not what led them into committing the abomination. Hence; to them, it is beyond natural.

Hear the confession of Jelili Ogunole, who supposedly 'raped' a hen just to sate his sexual craving. “A spirit came over me and I didn't know what I was doing again until I finished sleeping with the bird,” he said. Oh! He even realised it is a bird. A bird, which I'm sure, the 20-year old must have savoured its broth and have treated its kind, possibly the cock, with disdain and contempt. But should it be a hen, he would lust after it and wait till the dead of the night so he can abuse it to death, as was reported.

As if his case wasn't bizarre enough, still within the same week, we were similarly told of one Ighodaro who was apprehended while raping a dog in an uncompleted building! The 18-year old boy who told that he had done same to five dogs since March this year equally explained that he doesn't know what led him to do it.

According to the pervert, “I don't know when I slept with the dogs. I slept with dogs five times... any one that is friendly with me; I take to an uncompleted building and have sex.” I was tempted to saying of this boy, that he defiled a dog. But then I quickly realised how wrong I would have been. The truth remains that the boy used dogs defile himself. A situation that is tantamount to him elevating the dogs to human and then demoting himself to a dog. Same can be said of Jelili.

And if you think they only did themselves in you'd be wrong.

These two and those in their club actually debauched us all, by disparaging our kind before the community of birds and dogs, thereby equating us with them. Don't lose sight of the word: 'mate'.

They both didn't know what lured them into it, but they did it anyway! As simplistic as their reason sounds, there are issues that make their excuse not to hold water. This, we shall examine as we progress. Meanwhile, that we just have these two instances of men sexually abusing domestic animals does not mean it is just them that abide by such orientation. I have come to understand that when the media brings a crime to the spotlight, there are many other related cases that must have been going on unnoticed and unreported.

When you consider the time and place the perpetrators were caught (late in the night in one case, and in an uncompleted building in the other), then would you understand how difficult it will be unearthing all those with this kind of disgusting preferences. Think of those who may be carrying out the act within the confines of their homes and closets when no other person is around them then will understand my point. Thus we shouldn't play the ostrich by thinking it is just those two there are in our country.

If we then suppose that there are many others involved in such act, then must we ponder on wither decency, morality and sanity in our country. Considering the speed with which abnormalities morphs to normality in our generation, I hope we won't get to a stage where this repugnant practice will gain acceptance like homosexuality is now being accepted. Should that come to be, then would we be inadvertently fulfilling the biblical prediction, in Isaiah 4:1, of a time when seven women will grab a man and pressurise him to marry all of them.

If you see my submission as inappropriate, what then would you have me say? Of course when we get to the point where some men will freely marry their fellow men with some others taking dogs, hen and possibly goats as wives, then would I not be surprised to see even ten women rushing after one of the remaining straight men to be his wives. Some people may not see that happening since women would also marry their fellow women and possibly make husbands of horses. This, they reckon, will make the whole affair culminate in a draw game.

That leads me to the reason somebody, I discussed the topic with, gave as possible justification why some men are taking to animals as sex-mates. He noted that it is because the rate of lesbianism is too high these days. He alleged that the number of women who would rather sleep with their kind is steadily on the increase. With the attendant difficulty in securing female lovers, some depraved men had to look elsewhere, he argued.

Be that as it may, my concern in all of this is for all those who practice and experiment with these despicable and highly immoral forms of sexual satisfaction to spare a thought for humanity as they seek to satisfy their libido. It is probable that strange afflictions like the Ebola Virus Disease currently plaguing humanity was brought about as a result of such perverse sexual practices.

Since the two of the victims so far nabbed claimed they have no idea of what led them into such acts, it then behoves our religious organisations to intensify prayers that would dispatch to the pit of hell that evil spirit that leads willing tools into perpetrating this evil. It calls for wonderment why the number of religious houses would be on the increase without a commensurate reduction in the prevalence of iniquity.

Government itself have a role to play in this. Good enough we already have a law we can use in dealing with this new form of crime. Section 214 Sub-Section Two of our law which focussed on Unnatural Offences dictates that any person who has carnal knowledge of an animal is guilty of a felony and he is liable for imprisonment for 14 years when found guilty.

Teeth should then be given to this law to deter people from getting themselves into such an offence. Lastly, every well-meaning individual should condemn the act in the strongest of terms. For if we just dismiss the matter with a wave of the hand, then will we be welcoming it into our social fabric. God forbids that we should let that happen!

Presidency are, therefore, called upon to take legislative and executive notice of this latest constitutional blunder and infraction and take urgent steps not only to remedy it, but also to redirect the country towards a worthwhile pluralistic path.

For: International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law

Emeka Umeagbalasi, Chairman of the Board
[email protected], [email protected]

Uzochukwu Oguejiofor, Esq., Head, Campaign & Publicity Department

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