2015: Hypocrisy Of Al-Makura To Divides The Alago Nation

Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah

By Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah

Haven watched the political happenings in Nasarawa State for the past few months where gov Al-Makura has chosen the path of blackmail and propaganda to divide the Alago Nation for his mere political gain.

For the purpose of ambiguity, the Alago Nation is the second most educated tribe in Nasarawa State after the Eggon's, sadly, since Al-Makura came on board as the Governor, the state has been divided on the ground of ethnic and religious differences, with the information available before me has clearly shown that Al-Makura has realized that the ONLY way to make him stay in the Nasarawa State Government house beyond 2015 general election is to use the divide and rule methods.

It is a very sad commentary that some of our few people's have started dining and wining with Al-Makura where someone who as a person I have utmost respect for due to his positive contribution to the construction industry in Nigeria has chosen to contest for the Nasarawa South Senatorial District with his brother the incumbent Senator Suleiman Asonya Adokwe (Wakilin Agwatashi).

I am afraid not because someone is contesting with our leader, brother, uncle, father and above all the friend of the Nasarawa Youths and Students, Senator Suleiman Asonya Adokwe but I am afraid that in no distance time, the youth of the Alago Nation might follow the path of the few that are misleading the righteous and there will be no word called UNITY in our dictionary.

It is time for us especially the youths of the Alago Nation to wake up from our slumbers, we should not be deceived with the mere words of hatred been propagating by the few that has not interest of the Alago Nation at heart, some of us may not have anything to loose because we have something good to fall back to if things workout the other way round but what about our unborn generations.

It is worthy to note that the people's Nasarawa South Senatorial District are living in peace today because we have someone like Senator Adokwe as our leader, if not reversed would have been the case, I write not because I have an affiliation with Senator Adokwe but as a patriotic and loyal son of the Alago Nation, I am PERSONALLY compelled to let us understand that there is a bridge that need to be crossed and Senator Adokwe is the only person that can help us to cross the bridge as quickly as possible.

It is no longer news that 2015 general election is not all about party affiliation but it will be about PERSONALITIES and believe me you that Senator Adokwe is ONLY personality for now in Nasarawa South Senatorial District that can be trusted with leadership beyond 2015 based on his positive track record in the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

For the purpose of clarity and intellectual clear-headedness, I have personally drove in and out of Nasarawa South Senatorial District on a consultations with youths and elders, the good news is that people's are now speaking with one voice to support Senator Adokwe to continue beyond 2015.

However, I am not saying that Senator Adokwe is PERFECT, every human being has his short-comings and it is only God that's perfect, as such constructive advice is always welcome.

I want to use this platform to sound a serious warning to those trying to distract the hard working Senator Adokwe in the PDP, we know all of them and we know where they belongs, they have been sent to come over to PDP and contest with Senator Adokwe, they are card carrying members of the APC masquerading as candidate for the Senatorial seat in the PDP, when it is time shall expose them without fear or favour.

My advise to the Nasarawa State chapter of the PDP, for peace to reign and for sustainability of the party, Senator Adokwe and his likes should been given the ticket to continue with more dividends of democracy in Nasarawa State because the electorate are with him, where are those guys while Senator Adokwe was busy sustaining the party structure (both the sub-structure and super-structure), some of them went criminally silence in the Defunct CPC.

It is time for the youths of the Nasarawa South Senatorial District to decide the FUTURE, as such, Senator Suleiman Asonya Adokwe is OUR CHOICE.

To those, I was unable to reach during my personal visits to the 5 Local Governments, we shall make it to you in a lager number as our Door2Door and Campus2Campus campaign for Senator Suleiman Asonya Adokwe commences soon.

The voting pattern this time shall not be base on political party but on PERSONALITY.

This Too Shall Pass, Nothing More, Nothing Less.

[Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah, National President, Nasarawa State Youths Network, @ik_dallah On Twitter]

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