Unwarranted Attack On Gov. Dickson And Chief Remember P.N. Ogbe

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SOUTHERN IJAW LOCAL GOVERNMENT COUNCIL, BAYELSA STATEThe attention of the Executive Chairman of Southern Ijaw Local Government Council has been drawn to a malicious post on Facebook by one ex militant, Mr. Paul Eris aka Gen Ogunboss disparaging the person of the executive Governor of Bayelsa State, His Excellency, Hon Henry Seriake Dickson and my office over the good work being carried out by the Oil and Gas Task Force put in place by the council to stem the tide of crude oil theft, illegal refining of petroleum products, pipeline vandalisation and illegal bunkering in the council area.

It is pertinent to state that since the Southern Ijaw Local Government Oil & Gas Task Force started operations in Southern Ijaw Local Government Area on the 8th day of May, 2014, the Production capacity of the Nigerian Agip Oil Company in its 'Swamp Area Operations' has increased to a level that has never been experienced in the last three (3) years. This in turn has boosted the revenue of not only the Federal Government but also of Bayelsa State and Southern Ijaw Local Government Area.

In spite of these glaring landmarks, one concupiscent ignorant ex-militant, parading himself as an 'ex-general' and/or more specifically known as 'Paul Eris (a.k.a Gen. Ogunboss)' went to town insulting andthrowing cheap blackmail at Governor Seriake Dickson (Con), Chief Remember Ogbe (Chairman Southern Ijaw Local Government) e.t.c.

It would amount to succumbing to summons to amnesia to even devote any precious time reading his tirade, slanders and endless stream of lies, poured forth in crude, odious and repulsive claims, as all form of ferocious outrages, cruelty and political brigandage were let loose in this unfathomable dept of buffoonery displayed by this brutal and treacherous element.

Paul Eris (a.k.a Gen. Ogunboss) became so suffused in egocentric euphoria and demonstrated crass imprudence, falsehood and rascality when he, regrettably, insulted and blackmailed Governor Seriake Dickson in his facebook page and furthered averred that the civilian members of the 'Remember Ogbe ledOil & Gas Task Force' shot his innocent brother for carrying empty plastic cans on his speed boat.

Paul Eris (a.k.a Gen. Ogunboss) malicious claim that the civilian members of the 'Remember Ogbe ledOil & Gas Task Force' shot his innocent brother for carrying empty plastic cans on his speed boat is not only false, but same was made by him maliciously to discredit the Task Force.

It is pertinent to highlight that only personnel of the Joint Task Force (JTF), Nigeria Police Force and the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) carry arms, and no civilian members of the Task Force bear arms. To set the record straight, during a routine patrol of the rivers and creeks of Southern Ijaw by the Oil & Gas Task Force, an armed bandit numbering thirteen (13) persons (including Mr. Kingsley Otokolo) attacked the Task Force. The said attack on the Task Force led by Mr. Kingsley Otokolo, a relative of Ogunboss and twelve others, led to the shooting of Mr. Kingsley Otokolo by the armed security operatives attached to the Task Force.

Mr. Kingsley Otokolo and two (2) other members of the armed bandit that attacked the Task Force were also arrested and will in due course, to be arraigned before a competent court of law, and they have from information available made useful statements to security agencies who are investigating the case. Infact there are evidence suggesting that the attack on the Southern Ijaw Oil and Gas Task Force was purported to have been carried out on the directive of Mr. Paul Eris (a.k.a Gen. Ogunboss), who has himself, in recent times carried out two botched attacks on his community (Peremabiri) to regain forceful control. The Council has directed the security agencies to investigate the attack and all perpetrators will be brought to book. Therefore, Ogunboss should not attempt to shield himself in the name of a prayer warrior for Mr. President.

Mr. Paul Eris (a.k.a Gen. Ogunboss) also attempted to blackmail Governor Seriake Dickson and hoodwink the public that he and some ex-militant paid the sum of ₦300,000.00 to use Izon-Wari for fasting andprayers for President Goodluck Jonathan. It is common knowledge that Izon-Wari is one of the revenue generating assets of Bayelsa State, and the sum of ₦300,000.00 is the statutory fee for its use by any person for social programs including government functions

Mr. Paul Eris (a.k.a Gen. Ogunboss) is also blackmailing Governor Seriake Dickson that he is not loyal to President Goodluck Jonathan and/or working against the 2nd term ambition of President Goodluck Jonathan all because his group was asked to pay the mandatory fee for the use of a hall. His Excellency, Governor Seriake Dickson has at all times worked tirelessly through his restoration agenda to implement and support the transformation agenda of President Goodluck Jonathan.

It is an open secret that Governor Seriake Dickson is at the fore-front of the 2nd term bid of President Goodluck Jonathan and has even incurred political enemies for himself as a result of his (The Governor) undiluted support for Mr. President which date back to his days as a Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State.

Thus, the cheap and false tantrum thrown by Mr. Paul Eris (a.k.a Gen. Ogunboss) should be seen as malicious blackmail by an ex-militant who had been run out of criminality by the Governor Seriake Dickson led Government. Indeed, rule of law has come to stay.

The general public is hereby urged to disregard whatever infamy poured out by ex-militant Paul Eris (a.k.a Gen. Ogunboss), in that same was made by him in a bid to rescue his criminal minded younger brother and to perpetrate falsehood

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