Owerri Summit: “Owerri Summit” To “The Eagles”: Stop Peddling Propaganda

Revealed: How Leaders Of THE EAGLES FORUM Kicked Against Imo Government
By Chinedu Louis

It is on record that the degenerated leadership of the Owerri Federal Constituency of Imo State reached highest dimension when the 'Ogbako Uratta Assembly and Mezie Imo Assembly' respectively failed woefully due to lack of cohesive leadership. The detractors peddling rumours and crying wolf today were at the mountain of administration of the defunct above assemblies.

The same detractors represented Owerri in the CONFAB during late Abacha's regime and failed Owerri people. The same arrogated leadership of the whistleblowers closed their eyes on issues of 'Area K' and botched out from providing remedy for the impasse. The same desperados sponsored the embarrassment against the Imo State Deputy Governor during the inspection of Arugo project.

Recall that at the burial of late Dan Njamanze (SAN), the same detractors folded their hands and watched gross insults rained on the Governor of Imo State.

However, may it be known that the APC LGA, State and National congresses were supervised by INEC nationwide. The congress yielded much result which in return received blessing of high ranking APC loyalists all over the country.

To resurrect hope and loyalty to the Rescue Mission, Owerri Federal Constituency unanimously elected a new leader who is exemplary, energetic and responsible to mobilize, sensitize and unite the people for the national election ahead.

Without hiding our anger, the OWERRI SUMMIT hereby warns detractors operating under the cloak of the 'The Eagle' who are commissioned agents of opponents of APC to stop distracting the attention of His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Okorocha (OON) while hitting up the polity.

Enough is enough!