…He is arrogant, pompous, fraudulent –PDP
By Concerned Members of the People’s Democratic Party

The Commissioner for Internally Generated Revenue and Pension Matters in Imo State, Mr. Nick Oparandudu has been described as a shameless political vagabond who does not have what it takes to succeed politically in Owerri Zone and Imo State at large.

This reply came following comment Mr. Oparandudu made against the People's Democratic Party in an Owerri based tabloid, the Nigerian Horn Newspapers of July 14th-15th, 2014 that the party parades rogues as aspirants.

The group known as CONCERNED MEMBERS OF THE PEOPLE'S DEMOCRATIC PARTY in Owerri zone addressed newsmen through her zonal Coordinator, Chief Iwueke John-Bright and Publicity Secretary, Dr. Joe Ikpeama respectively.

According to them, joining issues with Mr. Oparandudu whom they described as an advocate of dogmatism and political vagabond is an insult to the forum but maintained that they would also not sit and watch him and his likes disparage the reputation and integrity of PDP in Owerri zone in particular and Imo State in general.

Furthering, the group said that Nick Oparandudu is a no body in Owerri Zone but an ordinary political beggar who cannot command the respect of his immediate family owing to his stiff stinginess, arrogance, pride and gossip.

The bemoaned the unprintable comment spearheaded by Mr. Nick Oparandudu, the Commissioner for IGR Pension Matters, who incidentally is warming up to occupy the Owerri zone senatorial seat in 2015 can only be described as the highest level of political accident ever seen, witnessed or heard by an aspirants in the 21stcentury.

Stressing further, Chief Iwueke pointed out that as bona fide indigenes of Owerri, Mr. Oparandudu's character and disposition disqualify him from wining any elective position in the state adding that he does not command any followership in his fathers' compound as most of the youths in his immediate family have refused to join APC because of him even while saying that Mr. Oparandudu's penny-pinching life style, rather than attract followers, repel them.

The group recounted that Mr. Oparandudu is clearly incapable of winning ordinary village Chairmanship position in his compound, let alone his polling booth stressing that he is largely perceived as one of those appointees of the present administration who have failed to use their positions to attract supporters to the Governor and concluded that his attitude to people makes them hate the present government the more.

According to the group, 'Mr. Oparandudu's actions and utterances are nauseating, that Mr. Oparandudu even contemplated presenting himself to represent Owerri zone in the hallowed chambers of senate is indeed preposterous, to say the least'.

'It may be umpteenth to remind Mr. Oparandudu that many people have sharpened their swords and corked their firearms, waiting for him and his aspiration as revenge for what they consider wasted three years of appointment while wasting the internally generated revenue of the state in hotels, overseas and on women. Those three years cannot be said to have benefited the people of Owerri North LGA where he comes from let alone Owerri zone in general apart from Nick and Nick alone. His involvement in the scam that rocked Access Bank when he was the Deputy Managing Director should be revisited for his prosecution'.

'People like him do not deserve more empowerment. We honestly wish to advise Mr. Oparandudu that his desire to ascend to the Senate will suffer a great set back even before the race commences if his obsession with unguided comments against his possible political rivals is not stopped forthwith. He should desist from inciting the general public rudely or make his brothers and sisters his political opponents when they are not'.

'May we sound it very loud that Mr. Oparandudu does not belong to our political class but only hangs in balance. We do not know the quality Governor Rochas Okorocha saw in him that led to his appointment as a Commissioner in the state when his immediate family sees him as a political failure whose appearance in any administration attracts individual hatreds'.

The group therefore advised Governor Okorocha, all Commissioners and other Appointees from Owerri zone to begin to distance themselves from Mr. Oparandudu and offload him from the present government saying that he is more of political liabilities than assets even as they reiterated that their hatred for the Rescue Mission Government led by Governor Rochas Okorocha is because Mr. Nick Oparandudu is involved and promised to partner with the administration only if Mr. Oparandudu would be shown a way out.

Concluding, the group restated its unalloyed support to the People's Democratic Party as well as Barr Anyaehie's led state executive saying that it believes that the unwarranted and unguided comment of a political refugee, Mr. Nick Oparandudu would never deter them from achieving their mandate in 2015.

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