Remain Strong And Resolute in Defence of National Unity, Jonathan Tells Nigerians at EID-EL-FITRI

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Dear compatriots,
I felicitate with all Nigerians, especially our Muslim brothers and

sisters on the auspicious occasion of this year's Eid-el-Fitri

I congratulate all of our countrymen and women who have successfully

undertaken the purifying Ramadan fast.
As we celebrate Eid-el-Fitri, it is my hope and prayer that Ramadan's

spiritual lessons and the Holy Prophet's teachings of piety, love,

justice, fairness, equity, peaceful co-existence with others, tolerance,

honesty and dedication to duty will remain with us all for the benefit

and greater glory of our dear nation.
May the lessons and blessings of the Holy Month also permeate into us all,

and positively influence our attitudes towards our fellow countrymen and

women, irrespective of their religion or places of origin; and promote

greater commitment to the peace, unity and stability of the nation.

Although the observance of the Holy Month was sadly tainted in parts of

the country with the continuing atrocities of extremists and terrorists in

our midst, I urge all patriotic Nigerians to remain strong and resolute in

defence of freedom, unity, law and order, peace, security and progress of

the nation.
I feel the pains and anguish of all our compatriots who have experienced

the harrowing impact of terrorism unleashed on them by brainwashed and

misguided agents of evil and disunity, but we must never throw up our

hands in helplessness and despair as the terrorists and purveyors of

anarchy want.
Going forward, let us all remain unwaveringly committed to showing

solidarity with our Armed Forces and security agencies and giving them the

full support they require to prosecute the war against terrorism to a

successful conclusion.
I assure all Nigerians, once again, that we are totally committed to

winning that war, putting the scourge of terrorism and insecurity rapidly

behind us and giving the fullest possible attention to the urgent task of

improving the living conditions of our people in all parts of the country.

We cannot and will not be deterred from our goal of positively

transforming our nation into a strong, united, progressive, stable, secure

and prosperous nation in which all citizens will live in peace in spite of

our immense diversities.
May Almighty Allah continue to bless our nation and all who have

successfully undertaken this year's Ramadan Fast.
I wish you all happy and peaceful Eid-el-Fitri celebrations.

Federal Republic of Nigeria
July 26, 2014
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