Great Leaders Make Mistakes—Bishop Idahosa

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Bishop Dr.Isaac Idahosa is the General Overseer and the Presiding Bishop of God First Ministries International (Illumination Assembly). He is the National President of International Coalition of Kingdom Ambassadors (ICKA) training leaders on quality leadership in their different professions in Nigeria.

He is also the African Representative of Global Impact Ministries International and the current Executive Chaplain General of Nigeria. In this brief interview with Godday Odidi, he explains why leaders must be trained and other issues affecting National leadership in Nigeria.


Can we meet you sir?

I am Bishop Dr.Isaac Idahosa, the Presiding Bishop of God First Ministries International (illumination Assembly) and the National President of International Coalition of Kingdom Ambassadors (ICKA).

When did you start ICKA?
We started International Coalition of Kingdom Ambassadors (ICKA) three months ago and this is the second edition. What prompted me to start this leadership programme is because if this ongoing generation cannot impact on the next generation, they would suffer. The coming generation must be equipped to face future challenges of life. Paul said to Timothy what you have received from me and you must explore it. ICKA is to raise leaders of integrity and nothing more. This programme holds every three months to see young leaders making progress in their chosen professions.

Most of the great Nigerian pastors who have reached their apex of callings are not interested to connect young pastors, Why is it so sir?

We have short-sighted ministers of God in Nigeria. The body of Christ will move forward, if you don't mind who takes the credit. It is not what you leave behind that matters but whom you leave behind. The greatest form of investment is human investment. Those who do not want others to rise because they are up there, just a matter of time, they would soon be cut off because history will not repeat itself, and instead you make history. God raise you for you to raise others. Your position on earth today does not mean others will rise above you. Nothing, which anybody wants to be in life that others have not been before. Life is a process and we must equip ourselves with leaders of thought. Great people make mistakes too.

Sir you seem to be holding the third edition of ICKA on the 13th of October 2014 in your church headquarters instead of Solab Hotels in Ikeja, How are you going to cover all the states in Nigeria?

We have co-ordinators in all the states of the federation and to ensure that this leadership training is spread across the country. We have men and women on ground to bring leadership to the doorstep of every Nigerian including our present leaders in power.

Is ICKA for only pastors?
ICKA is not for only gospel ministers but ambassadors of different disciplines. We welcome every profession in Nigeria and abroad.

What is your advice for young ministers in Nigeria?

They should be patient in life. Nothing they want to be that others have not been. So they must humble themselves and learn.