DIFFERENT KNIVES WHEN AN ELEPHANT FALLS; A Critique In Response To The “Further Thoughts On Ekiti Polls By Segun Ayobolu”.

21st June 2014 gubernatorial election in Ekiti state has come and gone with a lot of lessons and theories for political scientists, analysts and scholars, prominent of which is now the popular 'Stomachstructure', 'Belly Politics', 'Riceocracy' among others in our political sphere, but some of us, who were players in the JKF Government cannot just keep mute while some individuals who didn't know anything about Ekiti, or the transformation that has happened within the last three and half years of good governance in the State under the Kayode Fayemi led regime to re-write history and the records.

Prominent of the many knives after the death of an elephant is the masterpiece fiction, written by Segun Ayobolu who with all due respect and courtesy is alien to Ekiti as a State and as a people but have decided to use the Ekiti election as a veritable platform to hit back at JKF and some individuals in the government, whom he didn't even know anything about, on the basis that he got them as feedback from his earlier article.

Permit me to use this opportunity to clear the dust and also puncture the many holes of Mr. Ayobolu, just for the sake of the records, so that unsuspecting readers will not fall gullible into the letters in the article 'Further Thoughts on Ekiti polls'. I am not against anybody sharing his or her opinion about Ekiti poll, but it shouldn't be used as a pointer to cast aspersion of individuals who have risked all they have to sustain the policy and politics of a challenging state like Ekiti. I am of a strong opinion that comments of lead posts shouldn't be considered yardstick to re-appraise an earlier article because with the many vast knowledge and experience of Mr. Segun, one wouldn't have expected him to jump into the study without necessary researches been carried out, and lateron re-appraising some articles with an 'I am sorry undertune'. It shows unprofessionalism, inconsistency and contradiction.

Perusing the article from the third paragraph,
'Yet, from the feedback I have received, the truth is that Mr. Ayodele Fayose would still have won without all of these abuses. Indeed, it appears to me that violence would have broken out if for any reason, Fayemi had been declared winner. It was that bad. Is it possible that Dr. Fayemi could credibly have lost in his home town, Isan-Ekiti? A reader from the town sent me a text message that he voted against the governor because he was always insisted he was governor of the whole of Ekiti State and not of Isan. Thus they didn't enjoy any special privilege from the fact of their son being governor. This may have been ethically right on the part of Fayemi but it was politically suicidal for him at home...'

With all modesty, Mr. Ayobolu goofed to have agreed that because one of his readers gave a feedback that Mr. Fayose could have won, as a result of his partisanship, then it has become a sacred truth and statement of fact! And it became so unfortunate that he derailed in his writings that 'it appears to him (Emphasis mine)' that Ekiti would have gone boiled if Dr. Fayemi was declared and leperlised the Governor like an outcast. I laugh. How best can you describe a situation whereby over 400 party leaders and strong members were arrested for no cause in the eve of an election and you expect other party members to protest against the magic done at the polls before very armed and blood sucking-looking soldiers, who may probably be looking for any opportunity to live to their popular name 'Kill-and-go'. I agree that if Dr. Fayemi was declared, there could be possibility of violence. The violence wouldn't be because the performed Governor was returned, but because there was a master script already written by the Federal Government/Presidency/PDP. If not, why was the first question been asked by this 38,000 uniform men after the arrest of our party men is 'Which Party are you?', 'Are you for Fayose?' 'We will teach you lesson that will make you know that Presidency is powerful', Mr. Ayobolu would have got alot to write assuming he was in Ekiti but unfortunately, the re-appraisal was a sharp contrast and it is advisable that more researches are done before writing further posts and articles because it is a unfair to misinform the public. The relationship between the PDP and the security was so cordial before and during the election that you don't need to be told that the security forces were acting a script as staged.

In my opinion, i also think it is very unprofessional as a journalist to stress this opinion in a generalised front, 'It was that bad', just because somebody commented on your article?

Mr. Ayobolu didn't even know the result of Dr. Fayemi's country home, Imagine saying that the governor lost the bloc vote in his town. For the records, Dr. Fayemi won the three towns in his ward, without the high-technology scientific approach used in other polling units that I hope the party will unravel the mystery soonest...Different Knives when an elephant falls!

'...Similarly, a National Legislator of the APC from Ekiti State told me of how Fayemi had become inaccessible and alienated from the legislators at both the State and National levels and even when many members of his cabinet. I am told that while many of Fayemi's commissioners and Special Advisers could hardly boast of one million naira in their bank accounts, those in his inner circle had reportedly become stupendously wealthy. The Chief of Staff, Yemi Adaramodu, reportedly rude, arrogant and snobbish was a key factor in Fayemi's loss'.

This is unfair and callous! It is on records that the members of the State and National Parliamentarians have Capacity building retreats and with very cordial relationship that even opposition parties (PDP and LP) found it very difficult to infiltrate their ranks. Your National Legislator must have also joined the fray of the many knives after the fall of an elephant. Why didn't that Legislator publicly decline the popular adoption and endorsement of Dr. Fayemi at the Oluyemi Kayode Stadium? Why did they all contribute cash and in kind to the re-election project of the governor, without any grumbles then, why now? What is the definition of inaccessibility and alienation? Was your source telling you that he doesn't have his phone number to call or send text message or he was denied seeing him at his Oke Bareke office, Oduola Osuntokun lodge or his Isan country home? Let us all have the fear of God, election has come and gone, but there is no excuse to be shared now. I put it to you and also for the records that these same members of the National and State Assemblies all contributed to the results at the poll? Were they also closer to their constituency? How I wish you can mention the name of the National legislator... Different Knives when an elephant falls!

Your informant may be correct to say that many of Fayemi's commissioners and SAs could not boast of one million in their bank account, maybe because the style of governance adopted by Fayemi wasn't of the typical Nigerian 'Share-the-Money'. It is only in Fayemi's administration that you support the government, with the goodwill you have, even if it will involve you to commit your personal funds, unlike the typical Nigerian governments when frivolities are prioritised. But the fallacy that some members of his (JKF) inner circle had reportedly become stupendously wealthy citing the Chief of Staff, Yemi Adaramodu, demands clarification and must not be ignored just like that.

Those that are comparing themselves with the Chief of Staff are mischievous and money-seekers in government. People pretend or rather ignore the fact that the office of the Chief of Staff must be financially empowered to oversee the unending political demands of the aides of Mr. Governor and besides, the office must have it's running grants and work schedule.

To my greatest suprise, Mr. Segun Ayobola took this issue so personal that I even doubt whether he knows Mr. Yemi Adaramodu from Adam. Imagine an independent writer saying 'The Chief of Staff, Yemi Adaramodu, REPORTEDLY (emphasis mine) rude, arrogant and snobbish'.

I am sorry to say this, Mr. Ayobola is a timed out writer. I will simply advise him to come to Ekiti and ask for the most accessible and pedestrian Chief of Staff ever, who is more close to the masses and does the politics for Fayemi. Everybody cannot like you or hate you, but it is blasphemous to invest the defeat of one of the best Governors Nigeria has ever had on the neck of just one man.

Imagine! '...Otunba Niyi Adebayo REPORTEDLY (Emphasis mine) had two commissioners in Fayemi's government including the commissioner for works; his 22year old son as Special Adviser on Diaspora Matters (Whatever that means) to the governor and Adebayo had five cousins appointed at various levels of the administration...Yet, many of those who fervently supported Fayemi intellectually, morally, financially and logistically during the three and a half year struggle to reclaim his mandate, including Asiwaju Bola Tinubu were kept at arms-length by Fayemi...'

May i relate this succeeding paragraph which read '...Dr. Fayemi is my friend but i deliberately refused to visit Ekiti throughout his tenure. I never requested for, nor was offered even a bottle of coke by his government. All I have written in support of his government and re-election have thus been based on principle and facts as i saw it. But what I can now surmise is that an ordinary brilliant, humble and unassuming Kayode Fayemi became transformed by power into a haughty, hubristic governor almost contemptuous of his party and people. It is ironical that a student of power like Fayemi turned out to be so inept in its usage and management...'

I strongly advise that if Mr. Segun has any issue with his friend, Dr. Fayemi, maybe because he didn't receive 'anything' during his tenure in cash and kind, he should try and resolve it, rather than using the archaic mirror effect Strategy of the War Studies. The approach of bringing a Niyi Adebayo into the lime and also comparing him with some individuals like our very respected and revered Asiwaju of Yoruba land, H.E Bola Tinubu, is very wrong! For the records and considering the fact that 'Facts are sacred', all the letters in the paragraph are very wrong and white lies. Neither of Otunba Niyi Adebayo's son is the cabinet as Special Adviser nor Senior Special Assistant or Special Assistant. In fact, there are just two aides of the governor in charge of Diaspora Matters, who are Mr. Femi Adefolaju, and Miss Damola Ajibade (both are not from Iyin-Ekiti). Besides, what crime is therein, if Otunba Adebayo made recommendation for political appointment for his political godson? Not to even say that because Sola Adebayo is Otunba's younger brother is a criterion to automatically strike him out/disqualified from a government that requires his expertise.

My little knowledge about Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is that, he scouts you from the forest, brings out the best in you, empowers you and leaves you to your discretion. This has made all his materials to perform better than those who have led their states before they came. Look at Osun, Ekiti, Oyo, Ogun and Lagos State governors; you will see that the rate of development in this region is geometric and unimaginable. If Tinubu has been so much selfishly interested (the way you are trying to paint him) in the affairs of the states, nothing tangible would have shown forth! Well, Different Knives when an elephant falls.

Mr. Segun Ayobolu went further to describe a humble Fayemi as 'haughty (proud, arrogant, self-important, snooty, conceited) {Emphasis mine}, hubristic governor almost contemptuous of his party and people'. O ga ooo (This is serious), indeed we will see different knives when an elephant falls. The Fayemi that we know isn't desperate for power and highly interested in the development of the State outside the boarders of party and township (like you said he's not the Governor of Isan). Ekiti people even till today aren't saying he hasn't worked or served them well, but that he has brought an advanced politics and abandoned 'belly-politics' for infrastructure and good governance. Remember that the beneficiaries of the old order will never want to new order to thrive!

If you say that Fayemi abused power, even as a student of politics, i will advise that all our Governors should start abusing power, so far it will bring about rapid development in the State like the Fayemi's of this world. We have to start paying more attention to Governance that Politics. I prefer the Fayemi's of this world to concede defeat after a good 4years of rigorous service if the introduction of Competency Test to the Teaching service could make the teachers vote him out, if introduction of biometrics could make civil servants (sorry some evil servants) to vote him out, if the blockage of some illegal funds and result verification (even in the Judiciary service!) could make him loose their votes, if the heavy infrastructural development of the state could be termed as a waste and the funds involved could rather be used to service the belly (Stomachstructure), if bags of rice is a yardstick for acceptability 'Riceocracy' and Mr. Ayobolu now termed a Kayode Fayemi as been contemptuous of his party and people. Well, we haven't got their in our political polity.

I agree that if Fayemi has got it right, a million bags of rice and a batallion soldiers could not have delivered Ekiti for the PDP, but the truth is that Ekiti is a very local state, literate but not educated, they bask on the old glory of the Fountain of Knowledge, and also have a natural ego that no man is the best among them, so whatever you know can only be appreciated by a selected few who understands your idea. A Kayode Fayemi will successfully rule states like Lagos, the Eastern States and some places in the north who aren't waiting for their livelihood on one politician in their street. I put this to you that very few masses appreciate elites, and not until philosophers are made to rule, the level and pace of development shall always be sluggish. Don't you ask why Mad people have more followers than doctors and teachers?

Well, in respect of Osun State Guber election coming up on the 9th of August, i advise the good people of Osun to go to the polling units with their own Stamp pad and ink- very important (don't ask me why, go and ask Ekiti APC members), the political leaders shouldn't sleep in their house because I foresee that over 1,000 of their party leaders and faithful will be arrested and detained, over 40,000 security men will be deployed (soldiers inclusive) and they should be ready to receive not less than 1million bags of rice before and during the poll.

God will save Nigeria from belly politics...unfortunately, the day a hunter doesn't find an animal to kill, the wife will teach him, so is the case of Mr. Segun Ayobolu.

When an elephant falls, different knives are seen!
Special Assistant (Students' Matters) To Governor Kayode Fayemi.

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