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We don’t have influential Pastors and Musicians in Isoko-Pastor Odidi

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Pastor Godday Aguriase Odidi is the Editor-in-Chief of Mindset Media Limited, former PFN secretary, Aiyetoro chapter, Lagos State and Isoko Mandate Group. He is one of the fast-growing young Isoko creative writers projecting the interest of Isoko nation and others. In this chat with Tunde Obaro of Cable news online, he spoke on why Isoko pastors and musicians are not influential in Nigeria and other issues affecting Isoko region.

May we know you sir?
My names are Pastor Godday Aguriase Odidi and the Editor-in-Chief of Mindset Media Limited and Isoko Mandate Group and others.

Sir tell us about Mindset Media Limited?
Thank you very much my dear colleague. Mindset Media Limited is all about media personality promotion of companies and individuals who are creditably doing well in their chosen careers. Mindset Media Limited has over 6 organisations under its leadership but has one objective to promote Nigeria and Niger Delta region. Mindset Media Limited started operation fully on August 11th, 2011. We give awards to people and companies. We have selective methods of nominating our awardees. We organise conferences and seminars on entrepreneurship and leadership too. This year Mindset Media Award is coming up July 26th, 2014 at Festac Town, Lagos.

Why did you say Isoko pastors and musicians are not influential in Nigeria?

Why won't I say so, sometime ago I wrote on Isoko nation to produce Delta State governor in 2015 and many readers posted on my facebook page that Isoko people can't get that position. I was surprised Isoko people are relegated to the waterways in Delta politics. I want to thank one Prophet Ernest E.O of City of Faith ministry at Ozoro in Isoko North LGA for being the first Isoko pastor to launch his untouchable TV into cable network in Nigeria. We are now seeing progressive pastors in Isoko. I am not afraid to air my views because most Isoko pastors and musicians are not influential in Nigeria. Late Evangelist Adam Igbudu of Araya community in Isoko South LGA was one of the most Isoko influential pastors we had then. Apart from Archbishop Apena's father to be the first Isoko pastor and others but today nobody celebrates Adam Igbudu except the Adam Preaching Society members and few Isoko gospel musicians. He left unbeatable legacies in the Christian race in Isoko. Adam Igbudu needed to be celebrated on yearly basis if we have a united voice in Isoko.Archbishop Apena of Bethesda Church is another influential Isoko pastors that I cherish a lot and others. We have large cathedrals in Isoko but our Isoko pastors do not use the media to reach out to people outside Isokoland.We have good preachers in Isoko but lack media influence in terms of ministerial growth and development. You hardly find an Isoko church on Google, facebook and other social networks. We are too concern of local crusades with poorly printed handbills, banners and posters only. You can't see us on television or radio stations on regular basis. Our Isoko pastors are good writers too. I know the media is expensive but we have to take the risk. It will amaze you that non Isoko churches are growing faster with branches than Isoko owned churches. Most of our Isoko pastors are very educated but not enlightening in the media and not ready to take corrections. Sometime ago, I went to visit a self-made Isoko prophet for ministerial interview on his ministry and he told me that he does not welcome media because he is pursuing heavenly grace. So those pastors using media to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ are sinners. If those heavenly Isoko pastors pursuing the things of God, no need to ride posh cars, live in full air-conditioned house with your children attending the best schools and no need to print posters,CDs banners, fliers and video your church crusades again. We should not deceive ourselves. We are in the jet age where Isoko pastors must grow from ministerial mediocrity to ministerial excellence. Prophet Isaac Ogbeta of Ada-Irri now in USA is one Isoko pastor that God used mightily in the 90s to deliver the sick and others. How many of our Isoko pastors are helping the less privileged ones in Isoko. I want to see Chris Oyalkilome,David Oyedepo,Willams Kumuyi,Enoch Adeboye,Tunde Bakare,Dr.D.K Olukoya and Pastor Mouka Lazarus in Isoko.

So you mean Isoko don't have great pastors?
We have great pastors in Isoko but they need to improve on their ministerial teachings by using the media. We must grow beyond ministerial prophecies to ministerial teachings on salvation not only miracles and fabulous testimonies that never happened. Both CAN and PFN Isoko zones must teach their pastors on ministerial development. Most Isoko pastors are political and not improving on their ministries that God called them for. On the other hand, since Edna Ogoli of Emede Town left the musical world to a foreign land, only Daddy Showkey and Sammie Okposo have come out from Isoko but not ready to help young Isoko musicians to grow. Today, Zeb Ejiro of Ozoro, a movie guru has established a movie school for Isoko people. These are the kind of people we want in Isoko not using expensive automobiles to show off in Isoko. Only the Isoko gospel and traditional musicians are keeping Isoko nation alive. Some Isoko people are into comedy business like Opa Williams of Ibrede community that produced some of the A -comedians through his monthly Night of a Thousand Laugh programme and others. I was perplexed one day when one unfortunate Isoko rich man told me that he is tired of Isoko musicians that he wants to bring one non Isoko musician from Lagos for his in law 's burial for #250.000 while Isoko musicians cannot demand for such amount of money. There was a time one Isoko man in Lagos took Ayefele for #2million while he also brought an Isoko musician for the same burial for#16000. Can you see how wicked we are in Isoko? Can a Yoruba man bring an Isoko musician to his party in Lagos or Ibadan? Money sometimes intoxicates some Isoko wealthy people.

Why did you say Isoko publishers are not united?

Most Isoko publishers are not united. We are interested in running one and another down for monetary gains or jealousy. We must see Isoko community journalism as one family not enemy. We derive joy in publishing bad news about pastors than getting the details before publication. If one Isoko newspaper exists in Isoko, that means, we are not making journalistic progress then. I commend Publishers of Isoko Today, Isoko Mirror, Isoko Eye and Isoko Extra Times for taking their money and time to invest on grassroots journalism in Isoko.We must use our own local newspapers to draw the attention of both the state and federal governments to Isoko. Our sons and daughters must patronise Isoko newspapers more than any other non Isoko newspapers with adverts. We must sell out our own product to the world than claiming to know it all. Isoko is ripe for television and radio stations too.

You last word
Isoko pastors and musicians should improve on their callings and embrace the media now.