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APC Convention: How Gov Amaechi was dumped.


Governor Rotimi Amaechi is definitely not a happy man today, if what happened at the All Progressive Congress' (APC) convention  in Abuja is anything to go by. He expressed his feelings to a close confidant in three words ” I feel betrayed”

The Rivers state Governor who saw the APC as a platform where he could prop his political profile, found himself dumped by his men because they think he is all air no substance.

Amaechi had been the tool used by the APC Governors to attack President Goodluck Jonathan. For several months after he switched camps, he used every available fora to attack Jonathan and shower accolades on his new found  'family'. At a point they went on  dramatic solidarity visit to Port Harcourt, where they heaped garbage on the President

But the party did not last. Shortly after the convention Amaechi had no choice but to express disappointment because all his  APC friends  promised him came to zero.

Initially he was promised the Vice President's slot, and told he could run alongside Aminu Tambuwal. But the equation changed when people like Atiku Abubakar joined the race.

According to a source “
Of course they did promise him  the Vice Presidential ticket in the forth coming election with a condition to sell the party and make President Jonathan unpopular. The initial arrangement was to pair him  with Hon. Tambuwal (Speaker of House of Representatives) . But when other entrants like Atiku and others entered the party,everything changed.”

Later he was told the chairmanship slot would be zoned to the south-south zone. At that time, they had Tom Ikimi and John Oyegun as interested members from that zone.

Amaechi approached Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole to prevail on Ikimi and Oyegun to step down for him, he got the shock of his life. Unknown to him the power brokers in the south west and North felt Amaechi was not a material that could lead a huge party considering his questionable credentials. The Governors even felt he has no follower ship in his state despite they hype.

According to a source  ”Adam's quietly told him  ”My brother, I know the bad name they have called you in the South-South and Rivers in particular. Again, I sympathize with you because I know how much you have put-in in APC, this Yoruba and Hausa people can't be trusted, they said you couldn't build the APC in Rivers State and that only 95,633 out of the 1.3 million membership you claimed have passport photographs. That everything was doctored by you”

After it was clear that he would not get the VP slot because Bola Tinubu wanted it given to the South West zone, Amaechi pushed for the chairmanship spot.

Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa   pleaded with him  to take the position of the National chairman of party, that it will be zoned to the South- South.

But there was problem. He had two collossus to contend with. Tom ikimi and John Oyegun. Unfortunately for Amaechi, Tinubu was interested in Oyegun, so when Amaechi prevailed on Edo Governor, Adams Oshiomhole to ask Ikimi and Oyegun to step down for him, he was told it would not be possible.

Amaechi did not give up, said the source ”  he   initiated a platform for the 16 APC governors to talk in Port-Harcourt last week. And in that meeting, the 13 governors and their deputies that were in attendance reassured him  that he will be given the national chairmanship slot” .

According to our source “he is very disappointed  he felt used and dumped. He feels betrayed”