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My Family Motivated Me Into Health Awareness—Pastor Stephen

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Pastor Stephen Enatiku is the Chief Executive officer of the Alphavision International in conjunction with Global Hindu Charity Foundation, USA. He is a man that believes that health is wealth.

He is one of the fast-growing health awareness facilitator in Ajegunle recognised by the Lagos State Aids Control Agency (LSACA). He is also a notable skills acquisition expert in Ajeromi- Ifelodun community and a motivational speaker with credibility. In this interview with Godday Odidi, he spoke on why he was motivated into Health Awareness and other related issues in Nigeria.

Can we meet you sir?
I am Pastor Stephen Enatiku , the Chief Executive Officer of the Alphavision International in conjunction with Global Hindu Charity foundation (USA). I am also a security expert dealing on security matters in Nigeria and also trained under a reputable security outfit called Ashaka Security Company situated at Festac Town in Lagos. I am a staff of one the foreign- based manufacturing companies in Nigeria.

When did Alphavision International start?
Alphavision International started 2002 but was fully registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) four years ago.

What motivated you to go into health campaign in Nigeria?

One of my relations was tested of Aids then and she died without any medical attention. My drive was centred on my relation that died at 24 after she just got married. At that time HIV /Aids awareness was not like this as it is today in the world. I told God if he can give me the grace, I will be passionate to campaign on HIV/Aids awareness in Nigeria which I started few years ago.

What is your organisation relationship between Prof. Divya Selvakumar and you?

Prof. Divya Selvakumar is my foreign-based partner. Alphavision International is collaborating with Global Hindu Charity Foundation to create health awareness to the people in Nigeria here. She asked me ,how do I get money to sponsor this non-governmental organisation, I told her that I don't have any sponsor that I struggled to get money to promote health awareness in Nigeria. She was flabbergasted and she picked interest to partner with me.

The funny thing is that I met my partner on internet and I explained my mission to her that I am not a dubious person that I want people to know their health status in life and she came to Nigeria to see things for herself. Global Hindu Charity Foundation aka Alphavision is recognised by Lagos State Aids Control Agency (LSACA). That is why each of our health awareness, LSACA gives us their mobile truck for health campaign in Ajegunle.

With Alphavision International in conjunction with Global Hindu Charity Foundation, can you say you people have been accepted by Ajeromi- Ifelodun LGA?

Yes of course! This NGO on health campaign has been accepted by the people of Ajegunle. We are registered NGO. You can see how people are coming to inquiry on their health status. We test on malaria, blood pressure, HIV/ Aids test and sugar level. We only test while recommended doctors will prescribe drugs for our patients. Our major targets are places where we have large population like markets, hotels, schools, churches, mosques and others. Our tests are free. We carry on weekly test on people in our office located in Ajeromi- Ifelodun shopping plaza kz-06, 142/14 Bale Adeyemo Street office Okoya bus stop Ajegunle Lagos.

You can follow us on facebook /Alphavision International email Stephen 850, 08022433317. It is proudly supported by Association of Pharmacists Community of Nigeria (APCN) and Lagos State Aids Control Agency (LSACA). Our office for test is opened from Monday till Saturday from 8am to 4pm. Alphavision International, Global Hindu Charity Foundation is to make people know their health status.

What is the major challenge of carrying this Health Awareness in Ajegunle community?

It is capital intensive in terms of health awareness in Ajegunle. We spend money to print fliers, sound system, generator and artist and others. We need people to support us.

Global Hindu Charity Foundation aka Alphavision International is gradually becoming a household in Ajegunle silencing other NGOs on health issues, can you say it is God's doing?

Alphavision International (Global Charity Foundation is recognised by Ajeromi- Ifelodun Local Government. We don't carry fake tests on people, our tests are authenticated. So people are testifying it not me.

Your NGO also runs women empowerment programme too, how is it like?

Yes, we run free skills acquisition for women in the community like catering, bead making and others to enhance creativity in the community. We run inter-faith programme too.

Your NGO logo is changing lives positively; can you explain it to us?

Thank you very much! We came into this health wakefulness in this community as people who do not know it all. We had people swiftly accepting us without misgiving. Our NGO is grassroots campaign that has metamorphosed into International one. We are interested on how to get solutions to grassroots health matters among our people.

In five years to come, what will people expect from Global Hindu Charity Foundation aka Alphavision International?

Only God will determine it. Alphavision is all about promoting health awareness in Nigeria. Our people must make their health a living one.