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I came across a report that reportedly concerned the Governor of Abia State, Governor Theodore Ahamefule Orji with calls of prayers for the confusion called Chibok abduction, when the state he is governing has been in Sambisa for close to 8 years under his conviction.

It is a conscience sold without remorse for the governor to have said that he was calling for the release of the 'stage-managed' abductees, whereas his state is under fire, needing tremendous democratic dividends.

He is just talking of about 276 abductees, whereas Abia State with over 4million people is already in Sambisa. And hardly is the world doing anything to address the apology that our state has become; a state with the reigns of Agberos and street urchins working for the government called taskforces; a state where Billions of naira enter the coffers of the government and the governor had the effrontery to tell the world that he cannot provide government jobs, except to donate Keke and taxis.

Abia State is in Sambisa! Go ask traders at the purportedly Umuahia Central Market which the government said that it has converted to a large environment at Ubeku Ubani, why the same government should ask them to pay over N450, 000 for just a shop for one month.

The state is in Sambisa, where the government uses propaganda as the best tool for governance. Abia State is in Sambisa where the following companies are said to be owned by the governor and his family members and that the state's contracts of all sorts are awarded to them. The companies were given as (1) NGAME NIG. LTD is allegedly (working for the wife); (2) GLANO CONSTRUCTION is allegedly (owned by his brother in law); (3) CIREO NIG. LTD is allegedly (owned by his in law);

(4) BENICOUX NIG. LTD, allegedly, bought Empire Hotel as BENIS HOTELS and allegedly (siphoning for Governor and Son- ikuku); (5) OKEY TECHNICAL LTD is allegedly (milking ASEPA for Orji's Son, Ikuku);

(6) SPRING INVEST AND PROPERTY CO. LTD, is allegedly furnished the Governor's office with 56 million naira; (7) CHARBEL LTD, is allegedly (Lebanese constructing the conference centre and working for the Son, Ikuku); (8) NEW IDEA, is allegedly (the master agent of siphoning); and (9) SEAMARK ELECT. CO. LTD is allegedly (Son's).

Abia State is in Sambisa, where the government had told us in 2012 that is disbursed N1B loans to farmers yet our people are hungry and are going more and hungrier. The state government had told us from the Sambisa that Abia State has become that the loan was secured from the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, exclusively for farmers in the state.

We heard Governor Theodore Orji announced this from Sambisa during the launching of the 2012 cropping season in Bende Local Government Council area of the state. From the same Sambisa, the governor intimated us that his government had paid its 'counterpart funds for the FADAMA III, IFAD NDDCFGN community-based natural resources management project and agricultural development programme.'

Where are the apparently 55 tractors the state government told the world that it had procured for the Kilimanjaro agric farms and farmers in the state? The government boasted then that it had procured those equipments to be sold to farmers at subsidized price.

Go to Ariara international market, Aba, and pity the over 4000 traders in perpetual Sambisa, where part of governments' 'Legacy Projects' reign supreme. Today, the whole of Aba have become 'seaports' and people are building 'airports' with planks to fly across the seaports. The state is Sambisa, where attainments of rapid economic and rural transformation are wedged through the promotion of propaganda and lies by the Gov. Orji government.

It is not about playing politics with Chibok issue, whereas right in Abia State; there are many people in Sambisa in the effortless governance of the governor. No doubt, people are taking flight from Abia State to other states where there are perceived government presences.

Written By Odimegwu Onwumere
Tel: +2348032552855
Email: [email protected]

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