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Campaign of Calumny Against Sir Jude Ejiogu: We Can't Tolerate It Again (Our Resolution)

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Our attention has been drawn to the malicious and deliberate attack on the person of the Chief of Staff and Commissioner for Special Duties in Imo State, Sir Jude Ejiogu by one un-accessible disgruntled and misguided element, KENNETH UWADI, who mask himself as 'corruption fighter or anti-corruption agent'

The OWERRI ZONAL AGENDA YOUTHS hereby condemn in its entirety the unwarranted and mischievous publication making the rounds in local, national newspapers and the social media against our ebullient leader, Sir Jude Ejiogu written by KENNETH UWADI alleging that our son was involved in the looting of over N1 billion pension funds in Imo State.

The OWERRI ZONAL AGENDA YOUTHS unequivocally assert that the origin of such ill-conceived propaganda is a figment of the imagination of the writer who is however, on the wanted list of the security agents as we gathered over false publication against prominent individuals in the state. We want to let you know that you are the real thief and not our amiable leader.

More so, it is quite obvious that by KENNETH UWADI's conduct, he has refused to acknowledge the glaring achievements of Sir Jude Ejiogu in the banking sector hence, resorted into name-calling and feeding the public with feeble and deceitful fallacies to justify his pay by his sponsors.

In affirming our unflinching support for the innovation and effective leadership the Chief of Staff has provided in Owerri zone and the state at large, it has now, more than ever, became necessary for us to acquaint the public with some of the landmark changes this able son of Owerri zone has put in place so far.

To put the record straight, Sir Jude Ejiogu was first found fit and appointed Special Adviser on Internally Generated Revenue by Governor Rochas Okorocha which he handled with utmost sagacity; he later became Chairman of the Board due to his strong position against corruption.

Within the period of his coming, as a pacesetter, transparent and result-oriented, the entire state internally generated revenue increased from below N300 million to over N700 million.

As a result of his astuteness and forthrightness, he was appointed Chairman, Local Government Service Commission by same Governor Okorocha. No doubt, the Commission witnessed tremendous transformation under his watch.

Convinced as a qualified gentleman and in recognition of his clean record and achievement in the Commission, Governor Rochas Okorocha chose him as Chief of Staff to the State Government. Surprisingly, not up to three months of his inauguration as COS, another appointment of Commissioner for Special Duties was added to his current position thereby making him the first Chief of Staff and Commissioner for Special Duties in the history of Imo State.

The OWERRI ZONAL AGENDA YOUTHS is also aware that some individuals in the state who see Sir Jude Ejiogu as a threat politically have recruited falsehood writers on social media and beyond as machineries of critics to ensure that glaring image of marked opponents like our leader is dragged to the mud. God forbid!!

We wish to emphatically state that our support for Sir Jude Ejiogu cannot be diminished by cowardly antics of feeble minded politicians who lack the courage, boldness, tenacity, benevolence and political network to compete with the Chief of Staff and Commissioner for Special Duties.

The OWERRI ZONAL AGENDA YOUTHS hereby commend Sir Ejiogu for his maturity and temperance in the midst of such unwarranted provocations since it is indeed an example of a great leader hence, the overwhelming majority of Owerri Zone people beckon on him for rescue.

Without any fear of contradiction, we categorically state that there is no person within our zone who possesses such overwhelming followership, political maturity, sagacity and geo-political coverage like Sir Ejiogu.

Indeed, Sir Jude Ejiogu is a bridge builder who has reconciled and re-united all the political families and heavyweights of Owerri Zone, he has rescued and restored all our great sons and daughters who were forced out of politics due to disenchantment, mistrust, brazen arrogance and intimidation by those who rode on the back of blackmail and politics of bitterness to cause mayhem in our zone.

The OWERRI ZONAL AGENDA YOUTHS, as the apex umbrella that unites every youth in our zone will not and cannot tolerate further campaign of calumny against the revered Chief of Staff and Commissioner for Special Duties, Sir Jude Ejiogu.

Enough is Enough.


Mr. Canice Shedrack Amadi

Dr. Emma Anyanwu