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For President Jonathan: Second Term Is Sure Come 2015

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There are Nigerians who have perfected the art of blackmail. Some have descended to the bizarre extent of acting as fifth columnists to denigrate the federal government under the rubrics of opposition politics. As if that is not enough, they are playing the insecurity card so brazenly that the whole world has seen the futility of discouraging President Jonathan from contesting the 2015 Presidential elections.

But far from discouraging the Presidency with the phobia of insecurity, the Presidency and even ordinary Nigerian have come to live with the reality of the access of evil as epitomized by the actors and sponsors of the murderous outfit made up of lesser mortals, who desecrate every known law of religion and civilized behaviour. For most onlookers, the Boko Haram phenomenon has toughened Mr. President to weather the storm.

If anything, President Jonathan has done much better than his predecessor and the record is there to show. What has indeed added to the value and confidence of President Jonathan is that both Christian and Muslim leaders have come out openly to traduce Boko Haram. People now know that what these desperadoes cannot get on the ballot box, they want to get through the carcinogenic virus of Boko Haram instigated insecurity. The political adventurers had taken several measures to discourage President Goodluck Jonathan contesting the 2015 election but almost all the measures have backfired.

1. During the 2011 elections, they mobilized their supporters to commit mass murder and even young graduates on the National Service were no exception. These killings which took place in parts of the North were borne out of hatred and malice. Cold blooded murderers cannot provide genuine leadership.

2. The political opponents, some of them statesmen, have mobilized several rallies in major cities of Nigeria during the removal of subsidy on petroleum products. What the enemies of the government failed to remember is that there was a time the South-West used Cocoa to provide education for their people and derivation was 100%. The North has also forgotten that the Kano groundnut pyramids cushioned the economy of the North to the exclusion of other Regions. Now, the Niger Delta Oil is for all, as it provides the budget of the nation and they pay a paltry 13% derivation as an insult. While about 80% of the oil blocks are held by a section of the people other than the oil producing communities.

3. Political opponents did not stop at that; they went for the jugular of the PDP by forming what we call political merger - a horrible mixture of CPC, AD and other Political Parties mushrooming for relevance. The product of this concoction is what we have as the APC. The APC is a product of greed, empire builders, political adventurers and economic opportunists. This is why more than a year after APC was formed; the Party has neither found a soul nor a solid structure. Here and there, there centrifugal forces are pulling the Party apart because it is not national in outlook.

The Party seeks power for its sake but does not believe in the Unity of the Country. This is why the money bags have succeeded in throwing out those who mooted the idea of political merger. In the foreseeable future, we might see a flurry of defects, blackmails, backstabbing's, sell-outs and the political entrepreneurs will be at their best. They have also deceived a governor in the South-South promising him Vice Presidency and that governor has invested a fortune in propping up the APC, but it is morning yet on creation.

4. The most ardent critics and mortal enemies of the administration have gone to the extent of cooking up figures ranging from billions of US Dollars, accusing the government of corruption. Some of them used their coveted offices to engage in underhand deals and siphoned money even to spread terror. The sacked CBN Governor is believed to be one of such enemies within.

5. The most bizarre thing is for the enemies to gang up to train youths of the North and get them linked up with the notorious terrorist network -Al Qaeda under Boko Haram. The atrocities of Boko Haram range from bombing, abduction, stealing, kidnapping, raping and other evils against God and humanity. When the Niger Delta insurgency loomed large, President Jonathan went to the creeks to dialogue with the militants - who protested against economic deprivation and environmental injustice. They listened and an Amnesty programme was struck.

In the case of the faceless Boko Haram - who advocate that Western Education is sin. Even Islam promotes scholarship. The most buffeting is the Chibok Scam concocted by Governor Shetimma and his cohorts. The Ministry of Education wrote to the School Principal to relocate the Students but Governor Shetimma promised to provide security. A day after the CHIBOK kidnap story, the Governor is believed to have met with some parents with gifts of money.

The question is What security did Governor Shetimma provide? What did Governor Shetimma do with the parents of the so called kidnapped Children some of who are seen with Blackberry phones pinging and making calls? Why are the Northerner leaders sponsoring #BRINGBACK THE GIRLS instead of #BRINGBACKGEJ IN 2015? Why are they popularizing unnecessary protests in major cities about Chibok and why the media blitz in the CNN and BBC? In all of this, is it President Jonathan that is the enemy or the Northern leaders who provided a clement weather for Boko Haram to operate. Have the security agents questioned Governor Shetimma - who is the chief suspect of the Chibok Scam?


With the failure of all these attempts most Nigerians are agreed that President Jonathan will contest the 2015 elections and win because he believes in the UNITY of Nigeria.