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Fani-Kayode dumps APC, returns to PDP

By The Citizen
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Former Aviation Minister, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has renounced his membership of the All Progressives Congress (APC)  returned to Peoples' Democratic Party (PDP).

Fani-Kayode, in a statement yesterday, stated that he left APC because he considered nation-building as more important than party politics, party affiliation or party formations.

'I cannot remain in a party where a handful of people that have sympathies for Boko Haram  and that have a clear Islamic agenda are playing a leading role.

'I believe that religion ought to play no part in politics but a situation where members of the Christian faith are not treated as equals and where  all substantive positions of the national executive of the party are made up of almost exclusively Muslims is unacceptable to me.

'In fairness to the members of the party there are many leaders within its ranks who share my views and who are also opposed to the religious agenda that the few have but I am not prepared to stay and fight from within because the presence of any closet Haramites on the same political platform as me is something that I find utterly repugnant.

'I cannot be in a party where a number of leading people question the secularity of the state and yet those people are not called to order by the so called party leaders and where such people seem to hold sway.

'I cannot be in a party which appears to have politicised the whole of the Chibok issue and who are not sincere in trying to get the girls back,' he said.