Between GEJ And The Northern Bullies

Since to ignore plato the philosopher is to ignore plato the poet, one cannot discuss Nigeria without making mention of 'Jamar Mutani Arewa'. Any attempt to do so is like talking about Chinua Achebe's 'things fall apart' forgetting Okonkwo the tragic hero. However, here, if charity demands that I should not say that the northern Nigeria is a curse to the polity, will I not be running away from the truth if I fail to say that they have remained a parasitic cancer that have dwarfed all medication prescribed by Nigeria's political doctors. Yes the truth must be told and it is our failure to revamp the business of telling the truth as a nation that is the bane of the socio-political cum economic problems menacing us.

Despite the fact that the crown manipulated political power in their favour of the North so as to remain politically and economically relevant after the western and eastern educated nationalists gave them a quick notice, the North have remained a spoilt child. If Nigeria is in mess today, it is because of the action and inaction of Northern corrupt juntas and the civilian collaborators who held Nigeria hostage for more than three decades of her life as an independent state.

It is shameful that peoples whose actions in the political arena were law if not dogma for long can turn around to blame GEJ of the woes in the north. What did they do with power all the years they called the shot from Dodan barrack to Aso rock?. Truelly speaking, I am no fan of GEJ and see nothing presidential in him but the truth must be told no matter whose ox is gored or elephant lost. The northern political elites and elders cannot sell their goat and refuse to let go the rope like the proverbial mischief fellow. For those of them that have ears and care to listen, the funeral dirge of their born to rule mentality was written the day OBJ became the land lord of Aso Rock.

From Zamfara to Yobe and Bornu to Katsina it is regrettable that the only legacy the north can boast of is a poverty and penury that looms larger than life. It is really a pity that people who thought that governance is all about marrying four wives and going to Mecca more frequently than a magician can produce a rat from his hat will turn around to point an accusing finger on other Nigerians who have suffered the effect of their wasted years in the seat and corridors of power. It is nothing but self imposed ignorance for the power drunks in the north to be talking about the legality of GEJ mundane desire to succeed himself come 2015.

I agree that a man of honour to respect any agreement he enters with his allies as posited by Gov. Babangida Allihu. However, I make haste to state that the constitution of Nigeria is greater and mightier than any unholy alliance and conspiratorial partnership GEJ entered with anybody when he was suffocating politically.

If ever the nasty comment of the late Sarduana of Sokoto in the years gone by that ' the new nation called Nigeria shall be the estate of the North which shall use the minorities in the North as a willing tool and the South as it's conquered territory, whose resources would be used to develop the North' had any potency then, it is a wild ghost chase for contemporary Northern power drunks to use it as a 'locus standi' for the unwarranted intimidation of GEJ.

Well, the Minority in the north that Saduana talked of have regained their sight in their new found freedom in the 'middle-beltdom' and have this to offer the political marabous from the North seeking to excavate the long dead and rotten ideology of the late Saduana 'if there is anything like war now, the middle belt will not fight any of its brothers that's just our stand. We have realized that we have been used in the past, we are not going to allow ourselves to be used again, and that is exactly what we are saying'.

It is not in the interest of Nigerian and our fragile and enfant 'democracy' that some disgruntled elements in the North are walking in the rain with a political licking umbrella. The late Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice said it all ' those who get to power by false and fraudulent means curse themselves and are cursed by the people. Those who collaborate with evil system and tyranny curse themselves and are cursed by the people'.

While I will help GEJ pack his load to Otuoke with a promise not to admire the numerous shoes he has acquired with tax payer's money after several years of 'shoelessness', the Northern bullies must realized that the fate of GEJ depend on Nigerians. And his tenancy in Aso Villa can only be terminated through the ballot and not the bullet.

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