Haramcracy: Between Gov. Nyako And GEJ

For those of us who mourn the death of reading culture among Nigerians, the current 'lettercracy' in the polity occasioned messy and inept political leadership at the federal level has filled our mouth with the proverbial dry meat. Earlier, Ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo, the olu of abuse of law and the Oba election rigging had delivered a punchy twenty paged literary missile to Aso Rock which got a pedestrian reply from GEJ.

As if that was not enough, his daughter Senator Iyabo Obasanjo made a case for like daughter like father by packaging her atomic bomb in an eleven paged letter she delivered to the land lord of Otta farm. Not too long ago, Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State a new apostle of 'lettercracy' pushed by the deadly 'haramcracy' in the North-east, sent an eye opening letter to his colleague in the northern states.

True to our nature of reacting to issues, we forgot that there is always an atom of sense in every nonsense. When Galileo brought to the square his ideas about the earth some centuries ago, the church considered it a nonsense and it caused him his life. What of Nelson Mandela and Martin king Jnr? Their fight for equality and human right for the black race was considered nonsense by the white but history has vindicated them.

In fact, history is full of men of great conviction and powerful ideas who were rejected by the society because of their school of thought but later made it to the hall of fame. It is a pity that most Nigerians despite a huge claim of acquiring university education espouses a fire bridge approach in reacting to issues of national importance. Like OBJ, I am happy that Gov Nyako was able to express himself. However, it beggars my imagination how most 'ethnicized' Nigerians against the advice of ancient wisdom will seek to kill the messenger of a bad message.

For sure, if we were to be in those days when civilization was still asleep OBJ deserves to kiss a viper for taking Nigeria a step forward and a million step backward. However, the message of his letter like that of Gov Nyako should not be thrown to the dustbin as an act of an enemy.

Do I need a degree from Jaji to tell GEJ and his college of naked supporters and conclave of sycophants whose daily bread depends on their continuous worship at the alter hypocrisy of 'oga on top' and madam goddess of Aso Rock that Gov Nyako was an officer of class? Before his letter, Gov Nyako had posed salient questions to the GEJ led federal government. It is an enemy of Nigeria from the pit of hell that will disagree that Nyako roasted his rat without burning the tail.

I beg to join Gov. Nyako in asking how the sophiscated weapons the Haramist are using entered Nigeria? Why it is the military personnel's are always redeployed few hours before the sons of terror smile? Why is it that despite the state of emergency and huge presence of the military checkpoints the Haramist monsters still dish out the menu of destruction and death in peace and style?

If ours were to be a saner society Gov Nyako could have received an eagle's feather for asking such a life giving question. If the 'clueless and actionless' GEJ had provided the answers to these capital questions, I can bet my precious penny that the world will not be sleeping with one eye open over the adoption of over 200 school girls from Chibok. Young damsels guilty of no crime just that GEJ and madam on top accidentally found themselves in Aso Rock, deficit in good governance and transparency but surplus in corruption, impunity and frivolities.

The letter of Gov Nyako may not be 'san tache' but the belief that 'a tyrant who impoverishes the citizens is obliged to make war in order to keep his subject occupied and impose on them permanent need of a chief' point an accusing finger on GEJ. I will not fail to remind Nigerians that after the October first bombing in Abuja some years ago, the suspect Charles okar who is neither a Muslim nor a Northerner accused GEJ of sponsoring the terror he masterminded so as to implicate some Northern politicians and score some cheap political points.

Methinks the letter of Gov Nyako revealed a political 'mago mago' GEJ don't want Nigerians to know. If the cowardly and shameless sons of Haramist are guilty of genocide, what absorbs GEJ from the crime Gov. Nyako accused him of if section 14(2) of the 1999 constitution as amended pontificates that 'the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government'. If GEJ as president and commander in Chief of the Arm force passed his exams, blood of innocent Nigerians will not be flowing in the North like the 'Gurara' waterfall. As such, It is a great disservice to Nigeria and Nigerians for brown envelope journalist, bootlickers and minions to accuse Gov Nyako of irresponsibility because he told his brothers and by extension Nigerians that the Irish priest wears a short under his cassock.

For all running dogs who choose to sell their honour for thirty piece of silver and exchange their right for a mess of political porridge, Prof . Wole Soyinka has the correct prescription for their foolery 'books and other forms of writings has always been object of terror to those who seek to suppress truth'. It is a big self deception for GEJ and his co-traveler s to claim prosecutor, judge, jury and executor and think that Nigerians will swallow the rubbish from his mal administration bait, hook, line and sinker. Should I tell GEJ that Nigeria is above party politics as such every Nigerian, Jew or gentile has a 'droit le plus absolu' to a point of view and it is sacrosanct.

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