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90% security votes spent on APC controlled states – Maku‎

By The Citizen
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It has been revealed 90 per cent of the nation’s security votes were spent on the troubled North-eastern states controlled by the All Progressive Congress (APC).

According to the Minister of Information Labaran Maku,  if not for the security chalkenges and money spent fighting insurgency in the North-east, the country would have witnessed a growth rate of up to 10 percent of the GDP.

He stated that it was clear the federal government  did not create the insurgency nor the structure that led to them and that those behind it were known to all, expressing sadness that Nigerians were now blaming the fire fighter (the federal government) for the fire than those who ignited it. ‎ “Today, the federal government is spending huge chunk of its resources in maintaining security especially in the north east, yet they constitute over 90 percent of those protesting against the federal government.

“Look at the entire money we are spending is to maintain security in states controlled by the APC. So why do you come back and start playing politics? We are busy spending money to maintain security in those states, what have they done about it? Because 90 percent of all insurgency is in states controlled by that party, 90 per cent of those campaigning to bring back Chibok girls are also members of  that same party”, he said.