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Human Rights Report Boko Haram: Mohammed The Prophet Of Islam Did Far More Worse

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True followers of Mohammed the prophet of Islam are boko haram. They did, up to five percent (5%), what Mohammed did. Mohammed, between AD 622 when he stated jihad, and AD 632 when he died in battle front, he, personally fought, led in battle, 27 (twenty-seven) wars and sent out killers as his followers and controlled 40 (forty) wars.

Before he died, he had killed many tens of millions of people in Middle East and South East Asia. The greatest terrorist the world will ever know is Mohammed the prophet of Islam. What boko haram is doing is a small fry, a drop in the bucket, or a drop in the ocean compared to what Mohammed did in his life time.

DO NOT NEGOTIATE with a Muslim. ONLY & ONLY FORCE is needed to come out from ANY Islamic cage. Islam is a spirit of Satan: ONLY JESUS can counter it.

The taproot of any terrorist is Islamism. That explains why terrorists are called islamists. Who is an Islamist, and how does he differ from Mohammed the founder of islam, and how does he differ from other Muslims?

We shall address this untoward tendency in sections.

This tallies behind the global misinformation on the true Koranic meaning of Islam. It is a blatant deceit to suppose that Islam means peace without judging what you know Islam for? There is a universal dictum 'You shall know them by their fruits'. Any accused claims innocence until the court proves otherwise.

The proof the court uses is the character and behavioural tendencies of the accused. If it is established that the character aligns with what he is being accused of, then the court pronounces him guilty. So, it is one's behaviour, and not or never, what he claims he is or says he is, but, 100%, based on what he really does.

So, why would you allow yourself to be deceived that Islam is peace without first judging what Islam does? Globally speaking, there are many religions such as: Christianity, Islam, Buddha, Bahai, Hindu maosim, o-o-o, elkankah, ogboni confranity, etc. Infant, in Africa, there is African traditional religion, there is necromancy, there is 7 - books of Moses. There are innumerable religions on earth.

Each religion is tailored towards the founder and his convictions. Any follower must adhere strictly to the ethics of the religion as espoused by the founder. There are three types of followers of any religion: the conservative, the liberals and the fanatics (radicals). The conservatives are strict followers, but are not deep-rooted in the religion, but base their knowledge on historicity of the religion, and do not change their stance, but are not violent about the practice of the religion, but reserved their belief, only and only, to themselves. The liberals are the modernized followers who accommodate other people's views or religions, and so, are followers of the founder only in principle, but not in practice. They do not hold strong views of the religion as do the conservatives, but quickly compare the religion with what is globally acceptable and democratic.

The radicals called the extremists, also called the fanatics, are the true representatives of the founder of the religion. They are the gene-carriers of the ethos of the religion who in the absence of the founder, are the disciples of the founder and are the only true followers of the founder. Conservatives and liberals cannot be trusted by these people because both are compromisers.

In Christianity, the radicals or fanatics are the true born-agains. They represent Jesus Christ on earth and are not willing to shift ground from what Jesus did while on earth. Since Jesus was 100% peaceful, 100% holy, 100% sinless, these born-agains strive extremely seriously to be like Christ Jesus. If you encounter born-again, true one, you have encountered Jesus Christ because they born again and they are 100% peaceful, 100% not irritated, 100% obedient in just course, 100% truthful. They are the true peace makers on earth. They cannot lie. They cannot fight, they cannot hurt anybody.

But directly (100%) opposite of Christ is Mohammed. Mohammed married Aisha when she was 9-years old. In fact, he started having sex with her or betrothed her when she was 6-year old. What then do you expect from his disciples, the radical ones? Mohammed started jihad in 622 AD at Mecca. He lost his father Abdullahi, few moments before he was born, and lost his mother on the way back from Medina to Mecca in 576 AD, at 6 years. He was thus, brought up by his uncle Talib who exposed him to desert tribe business of the Bedouin Tribe in the desert of Arabia.

He was into highway robbery as he deviated from the training of his uncle Talib. He formed many dangerous gangs with bad boys. Mecaans all knew him. He was convicted many times of serial rapping of women, kidnap and sale for slavery, armed robbery, high way desert caravan robbery. Mecaans wanted to executive him, but his uncle Talib who did everything to have a remnant for his brother Abdullahi, though he 100% condemned the life of the boy Mohammed. Around 580 at 10, he started meditating, mimicking Jews and Christians in prayer.

He often retired to caves for mediation, and at the same time from around 585 AD, at 15, he started leading gangs of armed robbers in the desert of Arabia. By 590 at 20, he had graduated in full scale armed robbery and serial rapping of women. At the same time, he was meditating. He started preaching to Meccans to leave idol worship. Meccans seeing his life style not only rejected him and his teachings, but planned to kill him or chase him out from Mecca.

In 595 AD at 25, he came in contact with Halima, a rich business widow in the Bedouin tribe of the Desert of Arabia. This woman gave him 100% latitude to control her business. Around 600 AD, he married Halima who was his elder by 15 years being born in 555 AD. Mohammed continued his meditation and 'desert storming' so-called by him, but desert-armed robbery, kidnap-and-sale. By 605 AD, at 50 years, Halima his wife died. Mohammed engaged in extensive armed robbery in desert storming, kidnapping, rapping women, but at the same time, he was preaching to Means. It reached an elastic limit in 622 AD when the Meccans could not take him and his gang anymore.

He then decided to move to the birthplace of his mother Medina. Before 622 AD, he had thought that by mimicking Christians and Jews, they would accept his teaching against idol worship. But the Christians and the Jews as well as Arabians of Mecca could not reconcile his wayward character with his anti idolatry preaching. They asked him: idolatry and rapping women, which one was sinfully heavier? Idolatry and armed robbery, which one was sinfully heavier? Idolatry and catching human booty and selling them off to slavery which one was sinfully meaner?

He could not reconcile again with Christians, Jews and Meccans of Arabia which caused his flight to Meccan in 622 AD, called hijira in Koran.

Between 622 AD and 632 AD when he died, he fought 27 wars and sent out his followers and controlled 40 wars, all called jihad. The life of Mohammed was a life of jihad. So, what is jihad? Let us now turn to Koran directly to know what is islam and what is jihad.

(1) What is Islam?
Islam means 'surrender' and Muslim means 'surrendered person' (Koran 2:136). From what we have seen Mohammed do, how can you call Islam peace? If you agree to the hoodlumic deceit that islam is peace, then you are blind to the glaring truth that you shall know them by their fruits.

Koran has defined islam to be surrender, not peace and muslims peddle lies that islam is peace, and people seeing what islam is doing in the world agree to the blatant lies. Who then is to be believed - Koran itself or muslim? islam means surrender and so, everything done in islam is done with the intention of force, forcing people to surrender. That was the whole life lived by the so called 'prophet' Mohammed: life of forcing people to surrender.

(2) What is jihad?
Jihad is fighting in the way of allah (Koran 2:244)

(3) jihad is compulsory for all muslims (Koran 8:65)

(4) muslims are required to arm themselves with all sorts of weapons to fight jihad (Koran 9:4 and Koran 8:60).

(5) Those who sponsor jihad will be repaid in full by allah (Koran 8:60).

(6) jihad is to fight other religious groups (Koran 8:39).

(7) jihad is to fight anybody who does not believe in Mohammed or allah (Koran 5:33-34)

(8) jihad is to cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve in islam and allah, that is that ALL Muslims are commanded by Mohammed to be terrorists (Koran 3:151).

(9) jihad is to fight Christians and Jews (Koran 9:29 - 30).

(10) jihad is to fight and take spoil of war and inherit captives property (Koran 33:26-27).

(11) Any muslim who wants to have success must fight (jihad 5:35).

(12) The trial of a true muslim are the sufferings he incurred in the course of fighting jihad (Koran 3: 186 Koran 3: 139 - 141).

(13) There is great reward for those who fight jihad (Koran 3:172).

(14) There is great reward for muslims who leave the comfort of their homes to fight jihad (Koran 9: 20 - 22).

(15) muslims that refuse going for jihad will suffer in hell fire, though they are muslims (Koran 9:81-83).

(16) allah has more regard for jihadists than liberal or conservative muslims (Koran 9:19-20).

(17) jihadists or radicals or fanatical muslims should kill fellow muslims that refuse joining jihad (Koran 4:89). Therefore bokoharam is killing fellow muslims in Northern Nigeria.

(18) If any muslim dies who did not partake in jihad, no prayer should be made by co-muslims beside his grave (Koran 9:83 and Koran 9:85).

(19) Those muslims who refuse fighting, jihad (Liberals and conservatives) will be punished with a painful doom (Koran 48:16).

(20) Only muslims who are blind, lame or very sick or disabled, physically challenged are exempted from jihad (koran 48:17).

(21) A true muslim is one who has sold his life to allah, to fight and kill people for allah, and be killed for allah as allah says in the Koran 9:111 and Koran 9:24).

(22) muslims who think they can escape harm and death by avoiding jihad are wrong because wherever they maybe death must come (Koran 4: 78 - 79).

(23) A jihadist or radical or fanatic or extremist or islamist or muslimst, should not fear in jihad since his life is in the hand of allah (Koran 33:17 and Koran 3:145).

(24) Everything evil that happens to a muslim is the will of allah (Koran 64:11).

(25) Nothing can happen except allah approves it (Koran 9:51).

(25) jihadists should not like their lives more than that of Muhammad (Koran 9:120).

(26) allah commands Mohammed to smite, kill non muslims and to be harsh to them (Koran 9:73).

(27) If muslims refuse helping Mohammed in jihad, allah will help him (Koran 9:40).

(28) After the death of Mohammed, muslim should continue jihad (Koran 3:144).

(29) muslims should fight their non-muslim neighbours (Koran 9:123).

(30) muslims should not relent in pursing allah's enemies (non-muslims) (Koran 4:104 and Koran 3:128).

(31) muslims are fighting for allah, non-muslims are fighting for satan (Koran 4:76)

(32) muslim should cut off the necks of non-muslims (Koran 47:4)

(33) Non muslims who spend their money to stop jihad will be conquered by allah (Koran 8:36).

(34) muslims are to be more wickedly or awful than allah in killing non muslims (Koran 59:13-14).

(35) muslims in jihad should not obey the mediating conditions given by non muslims to stop jihad (Koran 3: 149 - 150).

(36) Non muslims cannot escape jihad (Koran 8:59).

(37) allah directly and divinely supports muslims in jihad (Koran 33:25).

(38) muslims are commanded to cut off the necks of those who disbelieve allah and Mohammed and cut off their fingers (Koran 8: 12-14, Koran 47:4).

(39) Any one a muslim kills in jihad, that muslim is not responsible, but allah is responsible (Koran 8:17).

(40) allah gives victory to muslim fighting jihad (Koran 9:25).

(41) muslims should be trusting allah for victory during jihad (Koran 8:45).

(42) allah is pleased with muslims who swear loyalty to 'prophet' Mohammed during jihad (Koran 48: 18-21).

A devote muslim (a jihadist) seals his covenant vow to allah with his life in jihad (Koran 33:23-24).

(44) muslims in jihad should not call for peace when they are winning the battle (Koran 47:35).

(45) Whenever the jihadists take over power, they should disregard any agreement they reached with non-muslims before (Koran 9:31).

(46) Non-muslims are open enemies to muslims (Koran 4:01).

(47) A jihadist is not to kill any body who surrenders to allah (becomes a muslim) (Koran 4:94).

(48) If any non-muslim is captured in battle and he confesses faith in allah, he should not be killed (koran 8:70-71).

(49) muslims must not take people captive without first slaughtering (killing people) in the land (koran 8:67-69).

(50) muslim who dies in battle of jihad are not dead, but living (Koran 2:154).

(51) muslims who die in jihad are in paradise (Koran 3:169-171).

(52) jihad is ordained (prescribed) for ALL muslims whether they like it or not (Koran al-baqurah 2:216).

(53) allah commanded muslims to kill non muslims, cut their necks, cut off their fingers and toes (surah al-baqarah 8:12).

(54) Wealthy muslims and all those in high positions of authority are told to use their wealth and any position they found themselves in to promote islam and the course of jihad of all kinds or else, they will face destruction from allah (surah al-baqarah 2:195). That is why former Heads of States of Nigeria: Ibrahim Babangida, Abudusalmi Abubakar and Mohammed Buhari used their positions to smuggle sharia into Nigeria's constitution in 1999.

So, we have used the pages of Koran to establish the radicality of islamists, also called Mohammedans, also called extremists, also called fanatics, also called terrorists.

They are fanatics like Mohammed the founder
They are islamists like Mohammed the founder
They are terrorists like Mohammed the founder
They are extremists like Mohammed the founder
So, bokoharamers are the true disciples of Mohammed and not the liberal or conservative muslims. As we have seen, any muslim not willing to be engaging in jihad is killed like non-muslims. So, true muslims are bokoharamers because what they are doing exactly, 100%, what their prophet Mohammed did.

The whole life of Mohammed was lived in, 100%, bloodshed rape, kidnap and sale for money and desert storming for armed robbery. His followers must behave the same because Igbo proverb says 'whatever snake delivers must be long'. Like begets Like.

So, without bloodshed in the fight of jihad to establish muslim ummah (a community ruled by alah), there is no islamic religion. We have quoted pages of koran to substantiate our claim that bloodshed and kidnap were instituted by 'prophet' Mohammed himself. He (Mohammed) married a 9-year-old girl whom he even betrothed at 6 years. So, what is the big deal that his true followers kidnapped 234 secondary school girls? What is the big deal?

It is at this point that we bring to your august notice, the ugly situation of a lady by name Miss Charity Uzoechina, a student of Federal Polytechnics Bida, Niger State, studying Business Administration. This lady was kidnapped from her School by etsu Nupe, alhaji Yahaya Abubakar March, 2013 using one islamic barrister Tijani. They kept her in the palace of etsu Nupe, from where they kept raping her, using charms on her to make her renounce Christianity, to marry her out to a muslim. Governor of Niger State, Dr. Babangida Aliyu, a jihadist muslim, with the connivance of etsu Nupe and Tijiani, kept her in the Government House Minna Niger State and called her 'a government property'.

From islamic court or sharia court Minna, they arranged for islamic lawyer, islamic judge and transferred the case to Minna High Court with Governor Aliyu at the center of the whole arrangement, there at Minna. Under extremely caged islamic environment, charmed repeatedly for a year, they manipulated this girl to say that her parents would kill if she returned to her family. As soon as she said this, they whisked her off and dismissed the court. etsu Nupe, islamic barrister Tijani and Governor Babangida Aliyu connived to keep this girl under cage, bondage of hell since March 2013.

By May 2nd, 2014 they posted in the internet that Charity Uzoechina would be married out to the same person that kidnapped her, by name islamic barrister Tijani.

Now note this my lord: Charity Uzoechina is a Christian lady and so any marriage, as should be done with all other marry able ladies, should be done in the compound of the lady with the tacit support or witness of the parents. This was not done, and is never done, whenever muslims kidnap any lady.

The normal court anywhere in the world cannot substantiate charm. But like wind, you cannot catch it, but see it. islamic religion is, 100%, a religion of charm, especially used on Christian ladies on forced conversion to islam to say that they do not know their parents again or that their parents would kill them. As soon as she says this, they whisk her away so that the influence of the charm would not fade so that the lady would not change her statement.

This is what was done exactly on charity Uzoechina by etsu Nupe-Yahaya Abubakar, Governor of Niger State - Dr. Babangida Aliyu and islamic barrister Tijani. Today, Charity Uzoechina is forcefully, by use of charm, married out to islamic barrister Tijani by Governor Babangida Aliyu of Niger State. In other words, from Government House Minna Niger State, Governor Babangida Aliyu arranged to marry out Miss Charity Uzoechina to a fellow muslim - Tijani, the islamist that kidnapped her from her school in the first place, without the consent of her parents - Mr. & Mrs. Uzoechina who are living in Abuja, one and half hours drive from Minna.


In your well articulated bid to free the 234 and other girls kidnapped by islamists, we hereby stamp it indelibly into your conscience that:

1) Every muslim believes in jihad to the tune of 100%.

2) jihad means fighting for and in the way of allah to kill or forcefully convert non-muslims to islam.

3) islam means 'surrender to allah' and not, and ever peace as satanically sold out to deceive gullible minds.

4) You never call islam peace because you clearly see what they do which is 100%: violence, murder, kill, persecute and forcefully convert to islam.

5) Nigeria was secretly smuggled into the membership of organization of islamic countries called OIC by Nigerian Head of State Ibrahim Badamosi Babngida (GCFR).

6) Sharia was secretly smuggled into Nigerian coast region by the tacit connivance of: Abdulsalmi Abubakar as the Head of State, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida as former Head of State, Mohammadu Buhari as former Head of State, sultan of Sokoto as head of islamic religion in Nigeria and all the top rank hierarchy of supreme council of islamic affairs in Nigeria.

7) The problem, the very only problem Nigeria has, has ever had, since independence from Britain October 1, 1960 is islam as a religion.

8) jihad is a way of life of every muslim, so, every muslim is a potential killer and forceful converter to islam for Mohammed.

9) The greatest aberration on earth is to make or call a wayward person, a desert stormer for armed robbery, world class kidnapper and serial rapist of women by name 'prophet' Mohammed, a prophet of God. Carrying children's bread and giving it to dogs by calling a criminal a prophet is the greatest undoing of islam as a religion and muslims as followers.

10) islam, and so, a muslim, does not respond to any other thing called Dialogue: he responds, only and only, to FORCE because islam is Lawlessness, and so, every muslim is Lawless.

11) When pushed to the wall, or when public opinion is against them, muslims profess to be Law-abiding, they profess to be democratic.

12) No muslim is democratic because islam does not believe in democracy, because democracy is, 100%, alien to islam.

13) Because public opinion is against them in the kidnap of 234 girls at Chibok, leaders of islam in Nigeria such as Mohammadu Buhari, islamic Northern Governors, sultan of Sokoto, etsu Nupe and the rest, all now condemn bokoharam.

14) bokoharam is, 100%, approved by 'prophet' (he is satan) Mohammed.

15) bokoharam is 100% approved by ALL muslims in their heart of hearts because bokoharam is fighting allah's course.

16) bokoharam only kills fellow muslims when such muslims become too westernized or become complacent in killing and violence as postulated by 'prophet' (he is satan) Mohammed.

17) Mohammed is satan and satan is Mohammed. Mohammed is belzebub and belzebub is Mohammed. Mohammed was a rapist of womanhood. Mohammed married 9-year old girl whom he betrothed when she was 6 years. Therefore, satan pregnanted belzebub and a child was conceived and born, and that child is islam.

18) Do not take any advice from any muslim in the process of getting the 234 girls out.

19) The problem with Nigerian military is muslim-soldiers in their midst that leak strategic information to their fellow islamic bokoharamers before such strategies are executed so that bokoharamers waylay the military men and kill them off.

20) Any muslim has primary allegiance to islam, not to any government in power that is not islamic.

21) islam impounds ones totality of: culture, tradition, mode of dressing, pattern of talking and the rest.


1) Present Goodluck Jonathan is a Christian.
2) President Goodluck Jonathan makes the mistake of supposing that islam, and so muslims, are democratic.

3) President Goodluck Jonathan shuns the use of brute force to deal with serpent that does not respond to any other thing but force.

4) President Goodluck Jonathan surrounds himself with islamists=jihadists=bokoharamers=mohamedians=islamic=radicals=islamic=fanatics=alqaida=hezbolas=alshababs=muslim brotherhoods=muslims in his cabinet.

5) In the case of Charity Uzoechina, President Goodluck Jonathan instead of using force to get these Lady out from her kidnappers who are: Governor of Niger Sate-Babangida Aliyu, etsu Nupe-Yahaya Abubakar and Tijani, he allowed them to gain upper hand by subjecting this Christian lady to islamic sharia trials and courts.

6) President Goodluck Jonathan made an islamist Inspector General of Police.

7) President Goodluck Jonathan made military commanders and state commissioners of Police in 19 Northern states bokoharamers because they are all muslims.

8) President Goodluck Jonathan made a muslim Minister of Defense who is a bokoharamer because he is a muslim.

9) President Goodluck Jonathan made his Special Adviser on Security a muslim a staunch Sokoto caliphtan islamist, and so, a 100%, supporter of Mohammed.


1) Since Charity Uzoechina is a Christian, President Goodluck Jonathan should discountenance any purported statement made by Charity Uzoechina in a, 100%, islamic checkmate and background, and take Charity Uzoechina to a, 100%, Christian background, for a reasonable time, not less than three months after which she should be made to plainly, without duress, establish her decision on whether to follow islam or not, whether she is to marry a muslim or not.

2) It is, 100%, a kidnap from her school to a, 100%, caged islamic environment from where she is, 100%, manipulated by islamic charm and marabout to say that her parents would kill her if she returns home.

3) ALL statements attributable to Charity Uzoechina, her confession of conversion to islam, her saying that she was not kidnapped, her saying she wants to marry a muslim, her saying that her parents would kill her if she return home etc SHOULD BE DISCOUNTENANCED while she is, 100%, FORCEFULLY released from the hostage of government House of Babangida Aliyu of Niger State.

4) If Babangida Aliyu has ALREADY given her out to Tijani the kidnapper for marriage, Charity Uzoechian should be FORECEFULLY TAKEN AWAY from the house of Tijani to the First Lady Dame Patience Goodluck Jonathan for a reasonable time, not less than three (3) months, in a, 100%, Christian environment, away from islamic environment, after which she should be called upon to state her decision.

5) ALL statements made by Charity Uzoechina while in the islamic custody of Niger State Government or palace of etsu Nupe is NULL AND VOID as they were or a made out of charm and maraboutic charm of islamic religion. The marriage is NULL and VOID.


We hereby expressly state our collective resolve to pay you a courtesy visit, highly and urgently, very highly urgently, on how really to put an end to islamic insurgence in Nigeria which lesson could be applied to the entire tumultuous regions of islam majority. This is very important seeing that President of Nigeria and entire governmental set up as it stands now in Nigeria is very indecisive, weak and uncoordinated in the battle against islamic militancy.

We expect you to invite the:
1) Ambassador of France
2) Ambassador of Germany
3) British High Commissioner
The Human Rights shall come together with:
1) Christian Association of Nigeria - CAN
2) Parents of Charity Uzoechina
3) Some Christian Missionaries to 19 Northern States

What you may be clearly told and made to know in Nigeria may change your perception and make you better informed in your resolve to get to 234 kidnapped girls, and inform you better on islam in Nigeria and elsewhere.

Finally my beloved military personnel in rescue mission of 234 girls kidnapped by the spirit of 'prophet' Mohammed called bokoharam, my name is Innocent J.K.O. (Innocent Jonah Kindness O.), a human rights activist. I have laid bare to you, the nitty-gritty of islamic religion. You are here in Nigeria because islam is Lawlessness. Otherwise, you could not have flown in the air for not less than eleven (11) hours across the Atlantic to this place. You are not here for a jamboree. You are here because islam is Lawlessness. And because islam is Lawlessness, the only and only, (called it a hopson choice, call it no-choice at all), language islamists=muslims can ever hear and understand is FORCE.

Yours in the Service of humanity,
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