By MATHEW obaro
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You can champion the cause for change. A champion is someone who helps others achieve their goals and realize their dreams – someone who is passionate about the success of others. A champion fights not his own battles but battles to win for others.

A champion is an advocate and a defender; a leader and a deliverer who fights for the rights and honour of others and not for self or personal aggrandizement. Moses was such a man; he was raised by God not to deliver himself but to deliver Israel. It was David who stood up and killed the giant and brought the fear of Jehovah upon the philistines {1 Sam 17:20 – 58}. He also fought for the less privileged because he was a CHAMPION.

A man that carries all these attitudes of a champion does not do it on his own ground; it comes with the grace of God. There are many great champions in the world today, with various gifts of their own to make people successful in their future and career path.

There are some people like this that we can't forget and even generations yet unborn will always talk about them.

Let me start with the life of T.B JOSHUA, 'the man in the synagogue', how he normally helps people spiritually, physically and emotionally with no call for alarm, all in the name of God. The sick get healed, widows are filled with joy and orphans are made to be happy without them thinking that there is nobody, but GOD the father of ALL that sees them through from the scratch dust to the top through the life of T.B JOSHUA.

TB Joshua is a man that gives people faith and believes that, there is hope and there is nothing that is impossible for God to do. No man succeeds alone; everybody needs good people around. No matter the situation you find yourself as a Christian, whether you have or not, you are destined to make a change in someone's life. But every new season brings a new surprise; the more faithful and astute of us would call it fate, or inevitability. This season, it has been T.B JOSHUA.

The more you spend more on others and less for yourself i.e. when you bring joy to the faces of people that need what God has blessed you with – it's a real privilege because we are blessed to bless others. Irrespective of your trade, position or place, we are charged to be a champion today.

God has brought us into that place of influence not to be served {Rom 13:1}. In other words, He wants us to be a champion, a role model and a deliverer. So, let us be passionate about the welfare, success and prosperity of others; fight for their rights; be their advocate and defender – champion their cause, let people see you as a favour. Know that you can be the catalyst for a change. Emulate great champions like T.B JOSHUA. You can inspire a change. Remember, it only takes a spark to light up a forest. God want you to be a champion for your world.

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